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Choose the Best Commercial Space for your Business.

If you find yourself having to give specific directions to your business or office —such as cross streets, landmarks or the color of your facade— only to find that your visitors couldn’t even find a parking spot, your enterprise might be better suited in a shopping or office mall. In many cases it will only be necessary to mention the mall’s name for people to have a good idea of your location.

But, how do you pick the place that is best for you?

Your options will vary according to the location you are interested in, and the overall focus of a specific shopping center, if there is one.

The primary advantage of a shopping center is that they are designed to facilitate interaction between shoppers and buyers in a safe and practical environment. Also, so-called anchor stores help attract most of the traffic, which translates into an ongoing flow of potential clients for you.

If you are considering malls or shopping centers in or around Vallarta for your next enterprise or business branch, consider those that are likely to be visited by your previously-identified target market. Another important consideration is the amount of space you need, as leases tend to be higher in shopping centers due to the amenities they offer, and they are usually calculated in square footage. Lastly, you should aim for a space that is near the primary flow of visitors.

Other important considerations include the following:

  • Location and accessibility
  • AC availability
  • Parking —specifically the ration of available spaces and average number of visitors
  • Security
  • Options to improve upon the inside of the space you lease
  • Marketing and promotion strategies implemented by the mall
  • Fees due for common area maintenance
  • References from other current and past shop owners

Each one of the business and shopping malls in the area has trained staff that can help you make the best decision for your personal needs.