The Appeal of Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit as Closing Strategy

Centro Puerto Vallarta


Vallarta · Nayarit is an ideal destination to invest in real estate. In addition to the warmth of its inhabitants, the fusion of the typical village with modern amenities results in an unequaled appeal that captivates both foreign and domestic visitors to come and enjoy the good life.

As residents, we should feel privileged to live in this growing community, which practically sells itself with its natural attractions, simple pleasures and sophisticated charm. For realtors and/or brokers, it means a great opportunity.

To explore how the destination impacts closing a deal, we asked the directors of four major real estate agencies to describe the role of its attractions during that important time.


The Appeal of the Destination

Carl Timothy, president of the Timothy Real Estate Group, describes the behavior of buyers in relation to what Vallarta · Nayarit offers in general: “Something that we have observed in most of our clients is that before buying a residence here, they had previously visited five or six times, so they have already had some experience related to the natural beauty that surrounds us. However, it seems to me that foreigners truly interested in buying a property in Mexico want to feel part of the community, through socializing and finding good friends. All of them have been seduced by Puerto Vallarta in one way or another. When I add a brief explanation about the incredible offering of entertainment through sports activities, theater, concerts, shows, tours, gastronomic festivals and non-profit organizations, among others, they simply light up. They want to be in a place that offers opportunities that are not available in other destinations. Charity events, to give back a little to the community, can be very satisfying. Vallarta · Nayarit is magical, and living so close to Mother Nature brings unexpected surprises that are priceless.”


Competitive Advantages of the Destination

Ignacio Benítez, owner of Green Realty Mexico, emphasizes the differences between what our city and others offer: “In relation to other beach destinations in the country, Vallarta · Nayarit offers competitive advantages and tangible differences. Part of our work is to convey the Mexican Pacific lifestyle to the clients who decide to invest in this area. It is vital to emphasize the traditional architecture surrounded by the Sierra Madre. The gastronomic scene, art and culture make the difference. This diversity is what hooks customers of all kinds and facilitates closing sales. In addition to this, I would add two fundamental factors: security, which from my point of view is the most important, since people invest here because it is safe; and medical infrastructure, since many of our prospects want to be sure local hospitals comply with international standards and are equipped with the latest technology. This confidence in the destination results in real estate investments.”


Destination Consulting

Wayne Franklin, president of Tropicasa Realty, said that rather than selling, he simply acts as a consultant for his prospects: “The destination itself and all it offers is seducing. As I have said for years, I do not sell; I only respond to the questions. I lead people on a more logical path, and they make the decision. When they find out what Vallarta · Nayarit offers to meet their needs and desires, then it is only a matter of finding the right property. It is undeniable that all real estate agents use the destination’s appeal to make our work easier, and we need to address it in its entirety, from the government to the service providers. As I have seen in other travel destinations, if focus and attention remain on that, everyone benefits.”



The Destination’s Attractions

Sarah Elengorn, director of Elengorn Realtors, offers a list of places she frequents when she is about to close a sale: “With so many wonderful areas to visit and the wide variety of fine dining restaurants to choose from, settling on Puerto Vallarta and/or Riviera Nayarit for a second home is a much easier decision to make. Around the bay, there are wonderful places to persuade clients. A breakfast at La Palapa, a lunch at Barracuda and a dinner at Barcelona Tapas make our work easier. To that we add a panga trip to Las Animas, to eat at Ocean Grill, or a walk from Boca de Tomatlán to Casitas Maraika, to get some well-deserved rest.

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