Urban Improvements as Catalyst for Commercial Development

Amapas, Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is a growing city, as demonstrated by increased real estate development in recent years in preferred areas of the city, such as the Romantic Zone, and urban growth in other parts of the municipality. Riviera Nayarit is no exception. Thanks to the arrival of people who see the area as more than a tourist destination, population has increased considerably.

The latest census conducted by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI), National Institute of Statistics and Geography, places the Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas metropolitan area among the country’s top three regions for population growth. This transformation has stimulated the creation of residential projects and improvement of spaces designed to raise residents’ quality of life. And attracted by these changes, which favor commercial development, the number of establishments and businesses has increased.

The following areas have undergone changes in infrastructure and appearance in recent years, benefiting new businesses and establishments nearby. Aware that the following is not a definitive list, we invite you to share other places like these via our email, reg@vlmg.mx, or on our Facebook page, Vallarta Real Estate Guide.



One of the areas most attractive to those looking for a vacation property, as well as a great social life and entertainment, Colonia Amapas is known for its special attention to image and infrastructure. Recently, the area where Calle Púlpito meets Los Muertos Beach received urban improvements that benefited local establishments.

The space between the famous restaurants La Palapa and Vista Grill was revamped and beautified and now offers access to the beach. And attractive lighting was added outside the new boutique Maracuyá, providing a special charm at night.

It should be noted that the constant attention to urban needs in this area of the city is possible due to the collaboration established between residents and local businesses, as exemplified by the Amapas Neighborhood Association, which works to improve the area’s development and services.

Amapas, Puerto Vallarta

Colonia Amapas is known for its special attention to image and infrastructure.


Avenida Fluvial Vallarta

Some years ago, when residential project Fluvial Vallarta connected Francisco Medina Ascencio and Francisco Villa avenues, two of the city’s main roads, the area extending from the intersection of Francisco Villa and Fluvial Vallarta avenues to Av. Paseo de Las Torres looked almost desolate. However, with the passage of time, this route became important for the local population and new businesses sprang up in the area.

Today, more than a dozen establishments of all types are located on both sides of the street in this section, especially restaurants, including Lukumbé, Malibú, Caipirinha Steak House, Pomelo, MACAI Superfood Deli, Rosappetit Pizzas and the recently opened Bonito Kitchen. Although far from being a recognized gastronomic corridor in the city, its development and the increase in services offered is undeniable.

Avenida Fluvial Vallarta

Establishments of all types are located on both sides of Avenida Fluvial Vallarta.


Puerto Vallarta’s El Centro

The expansion of sidewalks in Puerto Vallarta’s El Centro, which was completed last year, allowed several gastronomic establishments to expand their spaces outside, an initiative previously adopted on the Malecón. In addition to hosting more diners, these businesses now offer a different experience to their clientele.

Centro, Puerto Vallarta

Sidewalks in El Centro, Puerto Vallarta.


Developments with Commercial Spaces

Residential and commercial real estate converge in a trend that is increasing in new developments built in the city, such as Zenith, The Park, Rivera Molino and Nima Bay condominiums. These condominium towers feature commercial spaces on the ground floor, offering assorted services both to residents and the public. Projects under construction that feature this commercial amenity in their master plans include Loft 268, Pavilion, Nayri Life & Spa and Pier 57.

Rivera Molino, Puerto Vallarta

Rivera Molino, where residential and commercial real estate converge.


Colonia Versalles

The recent paving of Viena Street in Colonia Versalles will surely generate the opening of new businesses. Over the years, this mostly residential area has been home to a significant number of commercial spaces, and it will be interesting to see the changes brought by this urban improvement. The completion of the bridge on Av. Los Tules within Fluvial Vallarta also could promote the emergence of new businesses by increasing traffic in this area. Let’s keep an eye open for other events in the region that serve to stimulate the economy.

Versalles, Puerto Vallarta

Over the years, Colonia Versalles has been home to a significant number of commercial spaces.