Tips for the Design and Decoration of Commercial Premises – Part I

The decision to enter commercial premises is influenced by different characteristics, such as the colors and shapes that predominate, as well as elements that are attractive to the naked eye or through smell. These are some of the reasons it is important that these spaces have good design and decoration.

To learn more about this subject, Marce Gallo and Cheko Pérez, designers and partners of the interior design studio DECO Designers, share, in this series of two articles, some recommendations that should be considered when decorating and designing commercial premises.

“Nowadays, it is extremely important that a commercial space has its own character and personality, because it is a question of the business offering a plus in the face of growing competition,” says Pérez.

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Essence of the Brand

For Gallo and Pérez, one of the main elements to consider before starting any decoration project is getting to know about the product or service offered by the business, as well as its target and the sensations you want to awaken in their customers.

“You must differentiate between established brands and new businesses. In the first case, it is necessary to match some aspects that are standardized, such as the color palette, codes and logos that are part of the brand identity. In the second, it is necessary to understand what is going to be offered to the client, as well as the type of audience to which it is addressed. From there, you begin to develop different proposals that meet the needs of the brand,” explains Pérez.

“When it comes to a new business, it is important to know the sensations they want to awaken, in combination with their own tastes. In this way, projects are generated that include a specific range of colors that combine with the concept, textures, certain decorative elements and even the aromas that will characterize the new brand. That is why it is fundamental to learn about the product, to know how to impact the consumer and make him come back, because here the issue is after-sales, how you hook a customer to return constantly,” adds Gallo.

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Choice of Commercial Premises

When you have a clear idea about the product, it is necessary to learn about the place where the business will be developed, as this influences the choice of materials and ornamental and/or functional details that should be taken into account when starting a project.

“Once the concept of the business to be opened is clear, the ideal would be to choose the location so that the idea is accommodated as well as possible. The process is much easier when it comes to a place that is in obra negra or gris (black or gray work), but if you already have the space, sometimes certain remodeling is required. That’s why you need to have enough creativity to customize it,” explains Pérez.

“Regardless of the size of the space, its decoration and design is a challenge. In the case of small premises, it is necessary to avoid that they feel overcrowded, and to achieve it, light colors, mirrors and transparencies are used. On the other hand, with large spaces, the aim is to reduce the sensation of emptiness, so it is important to use dark contrasts and more solid elements.” —Cheko Pérez.

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Materials and Lighting

The materials to be used will depend on the type of product or service offered, as the objective is to highlight its essence. In addition, business hours should be taken into account to determine the type of lighting to be used.

“Normally, the materials we recommend are those with less maintenance and that are practical to clean, such as wallpapers that generate different textures or reliefs and colors according to the brand or product, as well as mirrors, wood—which is indispensable—fabrics and furniture for heavy use, so that they last a long time,” comments Gallo.

“It is essential to know the schedule the commercial premises will have, since the play of lights that one has at night is not the same as during the day, with different atmospheres generated in each one. For this, it is necessary to have good light management, whether natural or artificial, to highlight the product. Currently, there are a lot of lights that generate warm or cool ambiances and allow you to play with different tones,” says Pérez.

“In addition, the lighting must be installed based on what the business needs, because it is greatly influenced by whether it is a work light—in the case of reception areas or offices—the space’s general lighting or ornamental, which serves to highlight the place’s accents,” concludes Gallo.

With the first aspects that promote good design and decoration in a commercial space clarified, in our next edition we will share why it is necessary to have professional help to carry out this process and when remodeling is necessary.

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