Tierra Alta: Ecological Development in El Tuito

“Fifteen years ago, I used to go hiking in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, an hour south of Puerto Vallarta. The machete I carried with me was my only companion. I would cut through the dense undergrowth and suddenly emerge in a high clearing, often rewarded with a view of the El Tuito valley.” David Kimball welcomed us with this brief explanation when we asked him about the origins of Tierra Alta, a low-density ecological complex that still maintains its original orography.

“My hikes to this place were becoming more frequent, as they were a recreational escape from my activities. Then I began to think about owning some of this oak-wooded land. Although it was a long process, after several years of intermittent work with lawyers and local government officials, my wife and I acquired title to a total of seven hectares (17.29 acres) of land. Eventually, we hired a contractor to build a country home on one of our lots. We began to stay at the house whenever we could, because here it is cooler and less humid than Puerto Vallarta. There is no traffic. It is very beautiful.”


Developed by David and Xóchitl Kimball, Tierra Alta is now the name of the 20 lots that have already begun to be developed in the first 12.35 acres under development. Here, environmentally friendly country houses are already being built, with a wonderful view of the pine and oak forests and a very comfortable climate most of the year. “As a matter of fact, the lot owners have really cooperated with following the rules, which are very simple and based on common sense. They’re good neighbors.”

On average, the size of each lot is at least 17,222 square feet, thus allowing the property to preserve its ecological countryside characteristics. That is, the delimitation of these lots is designed to house country houses in a wide range of designs and sizes, but not exceeding 4,305 square feet of construction, so the rest of the land can be used as a garden, where they can have their own orchard, organic crops or their own swimming pool, all depending on the owners’ needs.

This real estate project, at 70 percent sold, is located on the outskirts of El Tuito, Cabo Corrientes, a charming little town over 500 years old. Its Mexican-style architecture, similar to that of the pueblos mágicos (magical towns), natural landscapes and way of life have begun to attract the attention of investors and real estate developers, who have seen and recognized its potential.

Tierra Alta has a small common area with a pool, barbecue and dining area, ideal for spending time with your partner, friends or family. Owners and/or buyers can choose and modify the designs of existing plans or bring their own design. This ensures a truly unique final product.

Due to Tierra Alta’s success, David and Xóchitl Kimball have announced that they will soon develop the last 4.94 acres, which will comprise eight more lots.

Tierra alta desarrollo ecologico

Designs and Construction

Taking into account the different space needs of future owners, the country houses can be built in a wide range of materials and designs, always preserving the ecological countryside style and offering a wonderful view of the green mountains and blue sky.

Reasons to Choose Tierra Alta

  • The property is fully deeded, and prices are very affordable.
  • The lots are at least 17,222 square feet, and the homes are built and customized to suit the owner.
  • Easy access to the beautiful and secluded beaches of Cabo Corrientes (Mayto and Tehuamixtle, among others).
  • The climate of El Tuito is very pleasant, with more than 300 sunny days per year and a maximum temperature of 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer.
  • Excellent medical care and ambulance service.
  • Shops and stores with everything necessary for everyday life and groceries.
  • You can choose from a complete menu of plan options done by external contractors, or it can also be custom designed.

Tierra alta desarrollo ecologico

Before concluding our conversation, David Kimball stated, “Tierra Alta is one of those projects that seems to have developed through its own momentum. Once you start building a project like Tierra Alta, there’s no going back.”

For more information about Tierra Alta, you can call the office at (322) 222-9180 or contact David Kimball directly at kimballdavid@hotmail.com or (322) 294-2141 and Xóchitl Kimball at xelenaruiz21@hotmail.com or (322) 103-0901.

Visit tierraaltatuito.com or the development located at Carretera a Chacala 207, El Tuito, Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco.