The New Board of Directors of CANADEVI Takes Position

By Jorge Chávez
Apr. 27, 2023

Last month, the 13th Annual Housing and City Meeting was held. It was organized by the Jalisco chapter or the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (CANADEVI).

The purpose of this meeting, held at the Marriott Resort Puerto Vallarta, was to promote understanding, dialogue and strategic agreements between industry leaders and the authorities, in order to promote housing in the state.

Enrique Alfaro, governor of the State of Jalisco, appointed the new Board of Directors of CANADEVI, where Rodrigo Gil Ramírez took office as president for the period 2022-2023.

During his speech, he mentioned that the housing industry must go hand in hand with state authorities on issues such as land usage and planning, sustainability, and care for the environment in housing development projects.

In addition, among the personalities that were present at the 13th Annual Housing and City Meeting were Luis Michel, mayor of Puerto Vallarta, and Juan Antonio González, director of the Jalisco Housing Institute (IJALVI).

“Today we are here to dedicate our efforts to continue the actions of my predecessor, and strengthen this industry that generates thousands of jobs and grants facilities for the people of Jalisco to carry on a proud legacy”. —Rodrigo Gil Ramírez, president of the board of directors of CANADEVI 2022-2023.


Authorities and industry leaders attended the event at the Marriott Resort in Puerto Vallarta.