The Corredor Público: Who He Is and What He Does

Authorized by the federal government through the Ministry of Economy, the Corredor Público performs his duties with probity, rectitude and efficiency to facilitate legal transactions as required by the structuring of Mexico’s economic activities.

At the global level, trade and economic activities between countries require speed and efficiency, while always maintaining the basic requirement of legal surety. Within the framework that governs Mexico’s economic activities, the Corredor Público (similar to a civil law notary public, but with specialized training in commercial law) plays an important role in facilitating legal transactions in a professional manner and applying the corresponding legal ordinances.

To learn more about this profession and the role it plays in the economy, we visited Enrique Cárdenas García, Corredor Público 3 authorized by the Ministry of Economy, who explained his main functions.

“The Corredor Público is a licensed attorney who assists the entrepreneurs in their business, being a mediator who acts as an appraiser of all types of goods. In addition, he is a legal adviser, arbitrator and fedatario público whose purpose is to streamline and provide legal security to the operations in which he participates,” he says.

As fundamental requisites for this profession, the Corredor Público must be a licensed attorney who has demonstrated full honorability and moral solvency, have passed two rigorous examinations of knowledge (one as a candidate and one final) and meet several requirements to finally be authorized by the federal government through the Ministry of Economy.

When asked about his main functions, Cárdenas commented, “We must exercise our duties with probity, rectitude and efficiency; be expeditious in the handling of the matters entrusted to us; present business transactions with accuracy, clarity and precision; approve or ratify under oath the identity of the parties to the contract; and issue originals and certified copies of the transactions and policies, as well as the other documents brought before us.”


“A Corredor Público’s basic function is to guarantee security and legal certainty, granting legality in the operations in which we participate. In addition, we provide professional and impartial advice, with the obligation to maintain professional confidentiality. This provides an element of confidence for those who use our services,” he explains.

Consistent with the above, they provide the public with easy, economical and immediate access to various specialized legal services, such as the following.

· Licensed Broker: Transmits and exchanges proposals between two or more parties and provides advice in the performance or adjustment of any commercial contract or agreement.

· Appraiser: Estimates, quantifies and values goods, services, rights and obligations submitted for their consideration by private appointment or by mandate of an appropriate authority.

· Legal Advisor: Provides legal advice to merchants regarding the activities of the trade, with a strong sense of responsibility and professional ethics.

· Arbitrator: At the request of the involved parties, acts in the resolution of disputes arising from transactions, contracts or agreements among merchants, as well as those between suppliers and consumers, providing a solution to disputes through a fast, economical and equitable process.

· Fedatario Público: Formalizes and records contracts, agreements and legal acts of a commercial nature with banks or credit institutions such as trusts, in mortgages on ships and aircrafts, as well as acting as a fedatario público in other acts under federal jurisdiction as provided by the Ley General de Sociedades Mercantiles (General Law of Commercial Companies), including acting as legal representative.


“Working hand in hand with a Corredor Público has its benefits. For example, we can give personalized advice about any matter of individual interest. And due to our experience and knowledge of commercial matters, we can streamline transactions. In addition, we protect the interests of our clients because we guarantee the performance of our duties. We are impartial in all transactions and are bound to maintain professional confidentiality. We offer legal value, since the transactions and policies we provide are public instruments. We can freely negotiate on the amount of our fees with clients, which allows us to reach the best arrangement for both parties,” he concludes.

About Correduría Pública 3

Headed by Enrique Cárdenas, the office of Correduría Pública 3 comprises professionals specialized in commercial and real estate matters. In addition to Corredor Público services, they focus on real estate development, tourism, commerce and business. Their specialties include commercial litigation, real estate development and commercial, business and corporate law.

For more information about their services, visit, email or call (322) 297-0244. The office is located at Av. Palmas 3, Edificio 3.14 Tower, Office A7, in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit.