Smart Offices: A Tool to Improve Work Performance

Silva Brisset Office Puerto Vallarta

One of the latest trends instituted by the new generation of managers of visionary companies around the world has been creating work environments that foster creativity and efficiency, removing the stress that usually characterizes workspaces.

They not only focus more on aesthetic and/or ergonomic details, but also the well-being of all employees, with the goal of increasing productivity. While it is true that giants like Google and Facebook were the first to adopt these environments, little by little this standard has been implemented in our city.

To learn about the benefits of state-of-the-art offices, we approached three local real estate companies to learn about their recently refurbished, collaborative spaces.


Tropicasa Realty

“Our new offices are a reflection of our times. They involve a more open and transparent approach to work,” Wayne Franklin, president and broker of Tropicasa Realty, describes his offices, remodeled in 2015. “They were designed with our sustainable philosophy in mind, with lots of furniture made from recycled products and stained concrete floors. They have better airflow and more natural light.”

The Tropicasa Realty workspace measures approximately 250 m2, about 2,690 square feet, and features an open floorplan, with significantly smaller executive offices to provide more space for agents and clients. They are complemented by three conference rooms and a small coffee station. Agents do not have designated desks, and the entire office is wireless. The shared equipment is located in the center, so it can be accessed more quickly.

With respect to productivity, Franklin notes, “Information flows much more freely, and as a result, transactions are much easier and quicker. While private areas exist if calls or confidential conversations are required, open areas stimulate conversations where agents naturally engage to benefit the client,” he concludes.

Tropicasa Office Puerto Vallarta

Tropicasa Realty Office in Puerto Vallarta.


Silva Brisset Realtors

Alexis Silva Brisset, general director of Silva Brisset Realtors, whose offices were built in late 2016, describes them as “the ideal place to work, a space where the whole team works together to achieve the same goals. The fact that the desks do not have dividers makes it possible to discuss ideas and contribute more easily, to the benefit of the projects.”

Silva Brisset Realtors’ modern two-level offices measure approximately 250 m2, about 2,690 square feet, and include a boardroom, five private rooms, two reception desks, two large work areas and a slightly more informal meeting room. The shared equipment is strategically distributed so all employees can easily access it, and the office is completely wireless.

Brisset notes that the performance of his team has increased markedly in these offices. “Relative to my previous offices, I would say that it has increased by 100 percent or more. This place is inspiring, and that fosters the creativity I see reflected in the innovative products we are creating. The lightness of the environment—with comfortable and ergonomic furniture as well as glass walls—and our communications technology have allowed us to achieve excellent results in our daily work,” he concludes.

Architect Enrique García led the construction of these offices.

Silva Brisset Office Puerto Vallarta

Silva Brisset Realtors Office in Puerto Vallarta.



Agustín Rocha, sales manager of PVRPV, described his offices, remodeled in 2016, as “a modern, sophisticated and efficient place for employees to work comfortably. Each of the spaces was conceived and designed to serve multiple functions, as well as to allow team members to give their best.”

PVRPV’s state-of-the-art offices measure just over 194 m2, about 2,090 square feet, and comprise the president’s office, sales manager’s desk, reception area for four coordinators, sixteen cubicles, four meeting rooms and a cafeteria-kitchen.

Rocha commented, “Internal communication has greatly improved production, and our team is more focused on and involved in all the areas of service the company offers clients. For us, it is very important to have facilities that allow team members to feel motivated and proud. I see them all as more committed to their work,” he concludes.

The PVRPV team of managers conceived the design of the offices, and Mesa Moral carried out the construction.

PVRPV Office Puerto Vallarta

PVRPV Office in Puerto Vallarta.


Part of the motivation for these three agencies to create and design their updated office spaces stemmed from a simple idea: if a large part of our lives is spent in the workplace, it should be a friendly place for both staff and the environment.

In addition to providing flexibility and mobility, the design of these offices incorporates the latest trends to create highly functional and inspiring spaces, which greatly enhance daily activities.