Silva Brisset Realtors Arrives in Guadalajara

By Jorge Chávez
Nov. 23, 2018

For the company Silva Brisset Realtors there are no limits. Helping the client find what he needs and make his best investment is the priority of this Puerto Vallarta real estate firm, which arrived in Guadalajara a couple of months ago.

“We always look for the how. Through our experience and relationships, we look for the client to get what he needs and what he wants, so that he feels satisfied and secure in his investment,” shares Ernestina Ortega Plasencia, director of Silva Brisset Realtors in Guadalajara.

Silva Brisset Realtors Arrives in Guadalajara

She comments that a fundamental part of their work is getting to know the client, their tastes, priorities, needs and all those aspects that are key when you want to acquire real estate.

“We begin by learning whether you are looking to inhabit it during vacations, in the future or in the present; we handle several types of arrangements. And based on that, we offer the client a choice of the property or land that best meets their expectations.”


The Client Is the Priority

Their meticulous and direct accompaniment of the client has enabled the company to differentiate itself in the market, positioning itself by offering luxury international-class real estate products and services.

“We walk step by step with the client, managing the process in a very effective way because of the experience we have in Puerto Vallarta. Here in Guadalajara, we also take them by the hand, with VIP attention at all times.”

Silva Brisset Realtors, a company with more than 20 years of experience, opens a wide range of options for those who wish to invest, whether in land, a house, an apartment or another type of property, offering assistance, branding and sales, as well as property management.

The director notes that Guadalajara is a very interesting market with a lot of potential, its real estate dynamism strong enough to position the city as an important axis of the Mexican economy.

“Guadalajara is surprising, because there is still that movement in sales. When I ask large investors why they are so motivated to invest in Guadalajara, they answer, ‘That’s what the numbers indicate.’ It is very nice to sense that movement to stay, to be in Guadalajara, an important axis for investors.”


Guaranteed Investment

Ortega says that, in general, the client living in Guadalajara makes decisions with an outlook on investment and planning. For example, “It is very clear to me that the people who have capital, who have already invested in Guadalajara and continue wanting to invest in real estate, say, ‘As I already have my nice house here, an apartment or properties for my children, now I want to invest in something on the beach.’ And we are here to back them up.”

She says that when clients come with that need to invest, Silva Brisset Realtors becomes their right-hand man, accompanying them throughout the process, so they make the best purchase decision and come away satisfied.

“We talk with them a lot. They come to the office, and we offer them excellent customer service so they feel comfortable, like they’re at home, and can express what they want. If the client is already decided about a purchase, it is easier and the operation flows faster. But if he says, ‘I have this amount of money, but I have no idea where or what is best for me to invest in,’ we advise him, we help and accompany him, taking into account his preferences.”

With three corporate offices (two in Puerto Vallarta and now one in Guadalajara), Silva Brisset Realtors helps clients seeking to increase the value of their property get it and get the most benefit from their investment, working to find the best property, home, office or apartment in town or on the beach, according to the wishes of the future investor.

“What we are doing is supporting and making alliances with those who have the potential and important products in Guadalajara. For example, if I have a client who needs land with certain characteristics and another real estate agent has it, I connect with the seller to review options, team up and make the sale.”

According to the director, the focus of Silva Brisset Realtors has been to continue to stand out in the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta and now in Guadalajara; however, they also seek to lead the sector and to continue to grow in other cities in Mexico, such as Los Cabos, Baja California; Monterrey, Nuevo León; and those in the Bajío area.

Silva Brisset Realtors Arrives in Guadalajara