Seventh Networking and Update Course for Notaries

By Jorge Chávez
Sep. 21, 2016

Curso de Actualización y convivencia notarial

A few weeks ago, public notaries from all of Mexico visited Puerto Vallarta to attend the Seventh Networking and Update Course for Notaries.

During the event, Héctor Guillermo Galeano Inclán, president of the National College of Mexican Notaries, called upon the professionals attending meeting to conduct their activities conscientiously, professionally and ethically.

Furthermore, as far as the reform of the General Law of Mercantile Corporations—that may be perceived as an exclusion of notaries in the registration and certification of new small and medium-size enterprises—Galeano Inclán said it represents an opportunity niche as it opens the doors for advising entrepreneurs interested in starting a simplified joint stock company (a company formed by one or more individuals who must pay their respective contributions represented by equities).

The reform will become official this September in order to allow more people to join legal formality through the constitution of a legal entity.

“The notarial function has the challenge to evolve along with the society and the law. We have to convey the value of our institutions, legal structures, the rule of law, security and legal certainties.” –Héctor Galeano, president of the National College of Mexican Notaries.