Alejandra Alvarado Gives Seminars for Foreigners Who Want to Own in Mexico

Alejandra Alvarado Seminar

Alejandra Alvarado, Director of Realty Executives in Puerto Vallarta geared the seminars to foreigners who want to buy a property in Mexico.

As a foreigner, buying a property in Mexico is not that complicated; however, it is necessary to take into account certain processes and legal aspects. To remove any doubts about residing in Puerto Vallarta in a home of one’s own, expert real estate broker Alejandra Alvarado gave a weekly seminar during January and February to clarify the required steps to start a new life as a homeowner in Mexico.

Alvarado, who is director of Realty Executives Puerto Vallarta, comments: “This seminar has been held for more than 10 years in Costalegre and now in Puerto Vallarta, so we know the general questions and doubts foreign buyers usually have with respect to this subject.”

The most common issues are the legal implications and length of the buying process, as well as the various financing options available. The presentations, lasting between 30 and 45 minutes, were augmented by various experts on specialized topics, such as financing. During the question and answer period following the sessions, experts were able to answer attendees’ more specific questions on these issues.

The seminars were held on Tuesdays at the new offices of Realty Executives, in Puerto Vallarta’s Colonia 5 de Diciembre, the objective merely to inform, without any promotional overtones. Admission, with previous registration, was free and open to anyone interested in buying a property in Mexico.

“This seminar was given to explain to foreigners interested in owning property in Mexico the process of buying and selling and to let them know that they may buy, own and enjoy a relaxed stay in Puerto Vallarta or any other Mexican destination. Attendees also were able to learn about fideicomisos (real estate trusts), as well as purchase and financing options.” —Alejandra Alvarado, director of Realty Executives Puerto Vallarta.