ROMA Encore Presented to Brokers

By Jorge Chávez
Mar. 30, 2022

Recently, different brokers from the destination gathered to visit ROMA Encore, the new condominium building developed by CRAGSA Real Estate Development, which will be located on the corner of Roma and Palm Spring streets in the vibrant Versalles neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta.

This presentation was led by Fernando Lamas, real estate agent of ROMA Encore by SB Realtors, who provided the details of this building that will house 55 two-bedroom units with two full bathrooms, as well as laundry room, terrace, kitchen, living room and hall. Its construction measures range from 818 to 1,377 square feet. All apartments will be fully equipped with elements and accessories of the best quality to offer immediate comfort of its residents.

The main amenity of this condominium is its luxurious rooftop, which offers panoramic views towards the city, as well as a gym, infinity pool, splash pad, lounge area, hammock area, BBQ area and multipurpose area.

For more information about ROMA Encore contact SB Realtors at 322-221-0051 or via email at Visit

“ROMA Encore is designed both for permanent residents of the destination, as well as for visitors who plan to reside on a temporary basis. This is a development that has been planned to offer the highest quality in building standards.” —Fernando Lamas, real estate agent of ROMA Encore by SB Realtors.

ROMA Encore

The event that offered the details of this development took place at the construction site of the project.