Remodeling Public Spaces with Private Investment

Aguacate Street, Puerto Vallarta
Public spaces are places where the inhabitants of a city mingle. Cities that are growing, both in private areas (houses, buildings, shopping centers, etc.) and in residents, require the improvement or creation of these spaces to augment the quality of life.

Such improvements are not always carried out by the government. On occasion, private companies attentive to the locale take the initiative to remodel or construct spaces to improve the infrastructure. Puerto Vallarta is no exception.

During the month of March, Grupo HEVA officially inaugurated Andador Aguacate, the Aguacate Street stairway connecting Colonia Altavista with the Romantic Zone.

In an interview, Michael Ellis Yoelin, Grupo HEVA vice president of sales and marketing, shared his impressions regarding the project. “Formerly, this space received no attention. There were no lights, no proper access. But both residents and foreigners living in this part of the city use these stairs to get to their jobs, schools or anywhere.”

“One day, we started to observe how many people passed through, and we counted more than 300. Since we are building the VEstrella condominiums nearby, we held a staff meeting to see how we could improve the stairway. At first, we just cleaned it up, cut the undergrowth, put in more lights, and repaired the steps. But once we’d finished, we said, ‘This is not how we do things in Grupo HEVA. We do not make minor repairs. If we are going to do something, we will do it right.’ So, we started from scratch, to create a structure appropriate for the city.”

With the improvements completed, he says, “Now, Andador Aguacate is a safe place that people can use without any problem. In addition, it is well lit at night, and the construction is very beautiful and complements both neighborhoods. To be honest, we as developers did not have to do it, but we did it without any help from the government. This project was a way to give a little back to the community and contribute to its visual enhancement.” However, they did follow the government’s formal process to obtain permission for the construction.


Grupo Heva, Puerto Vallarta

Grupo Heva, inaugurated Andador Aguacate in Puerto Vallarta.


This is not the first time Grupo HEVA has invested in public spaces. In September 2016, they installed 23 toilets seats in the Lázaro Cárdenas primary school, located next to the park, in Colonia Emiliano Zapata. “A friend told me about the need, and we immediately set to work to install them as soon as possible.” In addition, seven months ago, they contributed to the improvement of Easy Street, located at the entrance to Conchas Chinas beach, where they installed a container with a door to store several trash cans. “We cleaned all that up and obviously benefitted the community.”

When asked if Grupo HEVA intends to invest in other public spaces in Puerto Vallarta, Michael Ellis Yoelin is unequivocal. “Yes, wherever there is a need. We will take care of helping to improve these spaces for the people. We believe that housing spaces, as well as sustainability, are important for communities. Wherever we find this need, we will take action to do something concrete.”

“In Grupo HEVA we are very happy with the result of Andador Aguacate, because it is something that contributes directly to the infrastructure of a city that has given us a lot. We held a small ribbon-cutting ceremony, where a priest came to give the blessing, and we consider it very important that people from the community and not just personalities from the real estate industry attended. Here you have it; enjoy!” he concludes.

About Grupo HEVA

Grupo HEVA has 10 years of experience in Puerto Vallarta, its portfolio of developments includes Las Vistas, V399, V177 and VConchas Chinas. Currently, they are building VEstrella, a condominium that will have 23 luxurious units with spectacular views toward the sea, mountains and city. The units feature one, two or three bedrooms and range from 121.33 m2 to 443.70 m2, about 1,300 to 4,775 square feet.

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