Real Estate Sector: Style and Comfort through Design

When you have a real estate project, thinking about design goes beyond how beautiful a space can look; it’s about adding comfort and style. For Beatriz Morales, director of interior design at M+M Espacios Arquitectura Diseño e Inmobiliario, interior design is a form of expression, where the inhabitants’ personality is imprinted. “The design is not only about its looking good; it has to be accompanied by the functionality of the space, the sensations you can transmit through textures, colors and lighting. It is a form of expression,” she explains.

According to the specialist, the transformation of spaces through design is to give value to a place, making it feel comfortable, not merely a workplace or a place to just spend the night.

“It is creating sensations from textures, colors and real estate and making the spaces comfortable. There will be those who prefer clean, spacious places, but there will be others who want, for example, that the chairs embrace you when you sit down or that the colors of the walls create a warm space.”

Diseño Sector Inmobiliario

She also explains that each project must follow an objective, in which the client’s personality dominates, with concepts that allow unleashing the factors that should prevail in the space. For example, if going for the characteristics of a river, the space should be cool, harmonious, transparent, tranquil, smooth.

The expert indicates that, although real estate design can be perceived as a plus, it has become a true necessity for developments, since the comfort and functionality of the spaces is achieved according to the profile of the person who will inhabit it.

“What good is a property if you can’t live in it? You need to see the functionalities of the property and the design you can formulate according to the person’s activities. For example, the needs of a lawyer are not the same as those of an artist.”

Morales adds that good real estate design increases the commercial value of both new and older properties. “Many times, it is not necessary to have a modern house for it to be worth a lot. If a person has a 10- or 20-year-old property, it can be refurbished with specific materials, which will give it a fresher look and increase its value.”

To achieve a good design, she stresses that various factors must be considered to identify the style you want to give to the space, simple things such as daily activities and what is planned to be done in the space, favorite colors to create the best combinations and the number and ages of the people who will inhabit the place, among others. “A single couple is not the same as one with children, whether they are small or teenagers.”

Diseño Sector Inmobiliario

She emphasizes that a project’s interior design should be integrated from the beginning, as it is essential to identify what style to follow at all times.

“You are anticipating the flooring you are going to put in or whether you are going to use a design. Many times, you say, ‘Hey, I want to put one type of floor in the kitchen, but in the living room I want to put parquet.’ Then, there is a process you can plan from the beginning.”

Taking a Leading Role

There are several spaces that have gradually taken center stage. According to Morales, the kitchen has become one of the most important places in the home. “It used to be a hidden place in the house, and now it is a meeting point. It has always been the heart of the home, but now it is more important, and much emphasis is placed on design and functionality.” She stresses that spaces that look clean and feature greenery continue to be a trend in real estate design, as they transmit sensations of tranquility and freshness.

She notes that wood has become one of the favorite materials, as well as marble, quartz and granite, and in fabrics, velvet in colors that contrast with each other. In materials, matte and acrylics are very popular, as well as large format floors and contrasts of warm and cold light, among others.

Finally, she says that, for her, places such as Italy, London and the United States have become a benchmark in real estate design.

Diseño Sector Inmobiliario