Real Estate Management to Promote Property Sales

By Jorge Chávez
Nov. 11, 2020

Ten months ago, Puerto Vallarta saw the birth of Homia, an integrated agency that provides real estate sales tools. Directed by Allan Fletes, this company works in conjunction with Constructora FH3 (a developer based in our destination) to approach real estate agencies in the region to provide them, in a personalized and orderly manner, all the information on the developments they build and represent.

A lawyer by profession, Fletes earned his degree in Guadalajara, where, upon graduation, he had the opportunity to begin to enter the real estate industry. A couple of years later, when the construction company invited him to collaborate closely on the marketing of its condominiums, he made the decision to return to our destination and founded Homia.

Allan Fletes

“We are a support for the other real estate companies in Vallarta · Nayarit. That is, we provide them with all the information on the developments we have. For each of the agencies, we have prepared a personalized web domain with the brochures, technical specifications, finishes, price list, photos, logos, video renderings and even the frequently asked questions about each of the projects we represent. The goal is to join with them, so that they have all the sales tools at hand,” explains Fletes. He adds, “In fact, our offices are also available for certified agents to come and have their meetings here, and/or we help them with sales presentations.”

During our visit to their offices located in the North Hotel Zone, Fletes presented us with the technology they use to illustrate the benefits and amenities of the developments they market.

“It all starts here in our sales room, where we can see in detail the characteristics of the units and the developments’ common areas, without having to go to the construction site. How do we do it? Through software, we show the location and surrounding area of the condominium. Then, we can access all the apartments and give a virtual tour to see how their distribution is being planned, as well as the finishes and interior decoration. Likewise, the view offered from each balcony is presented. Obviously, the upper terrace is also enabled, to show both the amenities and the views of all the building’s surroundings,” he explains.

Current Developments

“As I mentioned, we work exclusively with Constructora FH3, a developer founded in 2018 that is always looking for the best locations to build its condominiums. So far, they have participated in Portosanto (North Hotel Zone), Punto Madeira (Versalles), Oporto (5 de Diciembre) and Carmelina Residences (Conchas Chinas). In the near future, another project will be developed in Bucerías, in front of the beach.”

Scheduled to be delivered in September 2022, Carmelina Residences is a luxury development that will offer 52 condominiums and amenities such as a sky bar, fitness center, infinity pool, BBQ area, 24/7 security and concierge service, among others.

Carmelina Residences

Vision of the Destination

When asked about his reasons for coming to Puerto Vallarta instead of staying in Guadalajara, Fletes commented, “In addition to the fact that this is my home and I grew up here, I believe that construction and development are very solid in this area of Banderas Bay. On the other hand, unlike there, our clients are not only nationals, but also foreigners, which represents a much broader niche of opportunity for us.”

Fletes is optimistic about the immediate future. “Both Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are an incredible destination that, together with the hard work of the citizenry, have managed to overcome many challenges. This characteristic is recognized and appreciated by national and foreign investors, who see this place as a great opportunity to come and develop their projects.”

On the other hand, among the challenges presented by the local industry, he mentions that saturation in the destination’s important or emblematic places must be avoided in order to preserve its attractiveness. “Likewise, certain construction and building standards must be established and followed so that the region’s real estate industry continues to benefit from the attributes that coincide here,” he concludes.