Quartier Inspires the Olímpica Neighborhood Renovation

By Jorge Chávez
Dec. 30, 2023

Quartier · Condos + Flex, a new condo development in the Olímpica neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta, is the ideal place to discover tropical lifestyle in a central location.

The construction on this project is a milestone that marks the beginning of a transformation that will gradually take place in this neighborhood, which is conveniently located between downtown and the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Zone.

The arrival and construction of new condominium developments in a popular neighborhood can bring several significant benefits to the community, including improved infrastructure, job creation, an increase in capital gains, the diversification of the residential offer in the area, development of public spaces, local economic stimulus and, of course, improvements in public services.

Quartier · Condos + Flex will offer 26 apartments divided on two sides, one with a street view towards Francisco Villa Avenue and the other with an interior view to the neighborhood. This eight-story tower, developed by REINVERMEX, designed by Trama Arquitectos, and marketed by SB Realtors, promises to begin the enhancement of one of Puerto Vallarta’s core neighborhoods.

This transformation will not only modify the urban landscape of the Olímpica neighborhood but will also generate a positive boost to the quality of life for both current and future residents by improving the surrounding infrastructure and services.

The arrival and construction of a new condo development in a popular neighborhood will bring several significant benefits to the community.