Quality Materials: The Key to Construction Success

By Thelma Gust
Dec. 10, 2020

Talking about client satisfaction is talking about quality, and for many it represents a challenge to satisfy clients’ needs and expectations. Although this implies great subjectivity, being able to achieve it means being successful.

For Arkit Diseño y Construcción, imprinting each project with the quality it deserves, as if it were their own building, is the philosophy that has given this Mexican real estate development firm its identity for more than eight years.

“At first glance, it is difficult to perceive the quality of construction, but a client who experiences and enjoys it for years sees that it is durable. We build solid buildings that do not fail,” said Gerardo Arteaga Bosque, general director of the construction company.

Arkit Diseño y Construcción

Arteaga was born into a family dedicated to construction, hence his taste for this type of service, which, hand in hand with civil engineering, has given him the opportunity to experience his greatest professional satisfactions and challenges.

“I started in housing, building mid-range houses. I built several houses in Aguascalientes and later a restaurant in León.”

Originally from Aguascalientes and passionate about mountain biking, Arteaga founded Arkit Diseño y Construcción in 2012, with the construction of an apartment building in Puerto Vallarta, which would mark the beginning of his projects under the verticality model.

“We were new to the vertical theme, and we wanted to do everything ourselves. That building was like my master’s degree, because we learned a lot when building it. It was difficult, but from then on, each development has been better.

For Arteaga, who really enjoys the construction stage and the atmosphere generated in each project, this challenge marked a watershed in his career.

“Every building is different. At first, it is difficult not to despair, because you want to see it finished now. However, once it is finished, there comes that feeling for which so much was built.”

“For us, it is highly satisfying that all the clients are happy and fascinated by the development, although sometimes it is extremely complicated because all tastes are different.”

Arkit Diseño y Construcción

For Arkit Diseño y Construcción, one of the important aspects to achieving quality in each project is knowing that things are being done well inside, that is, motivating those who make each project develop properly.

“We are always full time with the people, which makes the collaborators understand the directions well. Besides that, we have a family philosophy to treat them all very well.”

His family, his greatest inspiration, is the engine that drives him to be a better person in a professional field that reminds him daily that he is in the right place. And although the responsibilities are many, in the end, the satisfaction also reflects that degree of responsibility the company assumes in each project.

“They are large investments, where you manage very large interests. Every day, you are thinking about whether it will sell, about the responsibility you have for the development.”

For Arteaga, Puerto Vallarta is synonymous with work. It is a big market, with high development potential in construction, thanks to its beach and the way it is growing.

“Puerto Vallarta’s attributes contribute to people coming. It has a fairly high added value in the market; I dare say it is one of the best nationwide. It is curious, because it is a bubble economy, because it is not only affected by the exterior, but it is always in constant growth.”

Arkit Diseño y Construcción

And even though he misses only his friends in Aguascalientes, Arteaga is aware that in the next few years his plans will continue to include the search for imprinting that seal of quality on future real estate projects in both his native area and in Puerto Vallarta, Bucerías and Bahía de Banderas.

With a great attitude and giving a good face to 2020, Arteaga mentioned that it has allowed him to successfully develop Life Bucerías, a project whose proposal combines commercial, gastronomic and common areas.

“Other builders also did very well during these months. Although we paused a little on government orders, in the end we managed to finish on time,” he concluded.