PV Airport Prepares for Construction of Terminal 2

By Jorge Chávez
Jan. 27, 2022

Recently, Puerto Vallarta International Airport announced that it will invest funds for the construction of a new runway and control tower. In addition, it will add platforms, taxiways, roads and parking lots, among other facilities with the intention of optimizing air operations.

José Amador Lizardi, director of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, also announced an investment in state-of-the-art equipment such as specialized vehicles for the Rescue and Fire Extinguishing Service (SSEI), security equipment and the renovation of aerocars for the land transportation of passengers.

“Each of the investments made in the remodeling and expansion of the airport facilities contribute to modernize it and provide greater comfort to each of the passengers who go to and from our destination,” said the director of the airport terminal.

Throughout all of 2021, of the total passengers served at Puerto Vallarta International Airport, 30 percent were taking domestic flights while 70 percent were traveling internationally.

The increase in air operations results in a boost in Vallarta · Nayarit’s real estate activity because the air connections to the United States, Canada and our country means that the main investors are increasingly close to their places of origin and/or the headquarters of their companies.

“Passenger comfort and their travel experience are our top priorities. The construction of Terminal 2 will result in double the current airport footprint. Within this new construction there will be more check lines, as well as 50 percent more telescopic jetways and checked baggage screening systems.” —José Amador Lizardi, director of Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

Puerto Vallarta International Airport

A series of improvements will be carried out to optimize air operations in our destination.