Progress on 4 Condominiums in the Romantic Zone

In various editions of our publication this year, we have written about the assorted condominiums under construction in Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone, an area full of life and entertainment that during the past years has reflected the boom in real estate in the destination. The second half of 2017 is underway, and we believe it is a good time to review the status, amenities, prices and tentative delivery dates of these developments, which will not only provide a quality home to owners, but will also boost economic activity in the city.

Pier 57

Created and designed by Toro Rosso Developers, one of the most prestigious and renowned developers in Puerto Vallarta, Pier 57 will offer two-bedroom/two-bathroom units that have the potential to become an over-sized one-bedroom with expansive living room and dining room or a spacious fully open loft-style studio. It will be located just two blocks from the iconic Los Muertos Pier.

“Pier 57 offers nearly a dozen different plans to select the ideal unit. The distribution options in each of these units are tailored to the specific needs and desires of today’s market,” says Wayne Franklin, president of Tropicasa Realty.

Construction Progress: 65%

Main Amenities:

· Elegant infinity pool on the upper terrace

· Complete swim-up bar

· Fully equipped gym

· Concierge service

· Underground parking

· Elevators from the parking lot to the terrace

· Commercial premises on ground floor

Price: from $401,950 USD

Delivery Date: March 2018

Nayri Life and Spa

This 54-unit development is the most recent collaboration between renowned real estate agency Domus Fine Real Estate and development company Arkit Diseño y Construcción. The Nayri Life and Spa master plan features a ground floor and six levels that will house one- and two-bedroom units. Ten models are available, offering various possibilities in layout and number of bathrooms. Some units even offer an interesting studio-type option. And others offer a larger terrace with dining area.

“The design of Nayri Life and Spa was developed by Mexican architect Fernando Flores and presents various contemporary elements that, combined with landscaped green spaces, give the home a feeling of living outdoors,” says Ivan Koloffon, Domus Fine Real Estate agent.

Construction Progress: 65%

Main Amenities:

· Roof garden with infinity pool, Jacuzzi, bar and sunroom

· Business Center

· Lounge area

· Concierge service

· Commercial premises in ground floor

Price: from $212,728 USD

Delivery Date: December 2017

Rincón de Almas

Rincón de Almas, a 38-unit development, was designed by renowned architects Derek Dellekamp and Frida Escobedo, with construction by Operadora LMD, which has developed more than 100 projects in Guadalajara. This condominium will have six levels of apartments that will house three types of units: Alma Mía (one bedroom, one bathroom), Ánima (one bedroom, two bathrooms) and Alma Gemela (two bedrooms, two bathrooms). Pocket doors allow the creation of an additional bedroom in each unit.

“The avant-garde design with bioclimatic analysis for maximum efficiency and its contribution of public spaces to the community, make Rincón de Almas an opportunity for owners to contribute to the enrichment of the city,” says Moray Applegate, broker owner of Applegate Realtors.

Construction Progress: 75%

Main Amenities:

· Large communal roof terrace with pool and jacuzzi for 12 people

· Sports bar

· Fully equipped gym

· BBQ area

· State-of-the art elevators

· Underground parking

· Commercial area on ground floor

Price: from $160,000 USD

Delivery Date: February 2018


Pavilion, a 62-unit, was designed by Arquitectos Asociados del Pacífico (led by renowned architect Paulo Rojo) and is currently under construction under the direction of CRAGSA Developments. The complex will offer studios and one- and two-bedroom units.

“After the excellent results we had with Zenith, I’m happy to be able to collaborate again with Paulo Rojo and Carlos González of CRAGSA Developments. Pavilion will maintain the same quality, but the design will include different materials and two common areas, each with a pool for the owners to enjoy,” says Sarah Elengorn, director of Elengorn Realtors.

Construction Progress: 75%

Main Amenities:

· Courtyard

· Fitness center

· Swimming pool with infinity edge

· Terrace with additional pool and relaxation area

· BBQ area

· Balcony in each unit

· Commercial spaces on ground floor

Price: from $198,000 USD

Delivery Date: November 2017