Power Talk: Success Stories

Organized by the commission of young entrepreneurs of the Cámara Nacional de Comercio, Servicios y Turismo de Puerto Vallarta (CANACO SERVYTUR) (National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Puerto Vallarta), Power Talk is an event that takes place every month, bringing together invited entrepreneurs who discuss their personal story regarding the process they have experienced as the head of their business.

In addition to generating networking and creating business alliances between exhibitors and participants, Power Talk was created with the purpose of getting to know the entrepreneurs and the paths they’ve traveled, in order to learn about the challenges, achievements and obstacles they’ve faced during their careers, as well as to familiarize entrepreneurs with Vallarta · Nayarit’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Held at Mango’s Beach, the second edition of this event had as special guest Eduardo Godoy Maldonado, CEO of Iludeco, who spoke about the emergence of his successful company after having tried several previous ventures. Iludeco, just two years after being founded, is a company that develops lighting and automation projects, including delivery logistics with installation and financing options.

Under the direction of Godoy Maldonado, Iludeco has collaborated on several prestigious private real estate developments, as well as public infrastructure projects in cities such as Los Cabos, Mexico City and Guadalajara, where his work on Line 3 of the light rail and jobs at the international airport, among others, stand out.

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