Plaza Puerta Vallarta’s Presentation

Puerta VallartaGreen Realty Mexico, a renowned Puerto Vallarta-based real estate agency, hosted a private event to introduce Puerta Vallarta Business Plaza, a seven-story business center with corporate offices, commercial spaces, a hotel and several restaurants, and to kickstart its commercial development.

A personalized tour revealed that several office spaces at Puerta Vallarta Business Plaza feature ample outdoor terraces that can be used as additional work areas or for recreational purposes.

“The plaza’s location is strategic. It’s the commercial destination closest to Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport, and close to both Puerto Vallarta’s downtown area and Nuevo Vallarta,” remarked Green Realty Mexico Broker/Owner, Ignacio Benítez.

Relaunched in 2014, Puerta Vallarta Business Plaza features 43,000 sq. ft. for commercial space use (50% available) and 36,000 sq. ft. for office space (40% already leased), ideal for businesses, corporations, executives, law, accounting or doctor’s offices.

“This the first building exclusively designed for leasing office space with AAA international qualification. That is, a tall mezzanine, air conditioning system, structural design and innovative facade.” —Eduardo Mustri, Partner, Puerta Vallarta Business Plaza.

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