Participation in Expos as a Sales Tool

Above all, an expo is a tactical management tool for a company’s marketing and public relations. Helping to achieve commercial, communication and institutional objectives, it is an opportunity to present products and services directly to those interested.

When the main objective is to communicate what a company does and generate potential customers, the preparation and proper design of a stand can be a key factor to success with such an event. Below, we present the most important details to consider.

Nowadays, companies seek to address an audience that needs to get involved and relate directly to their brand. This experience requires an organized space capable of creating the correct environment for establishing communication. In the same way, new technological resources have facilitated these relations, encouraging their increasing presence at this type of event.

Participation in exhibitions or fairs is a powerful tool to build relationships between customers and brands. According to experts in the field, it can be categorized as follows:

· Communication Tool

Communicate about the brand and the product in a favorable setting through the presence of related groups and the establishment of professional networking.

· Marketing Tool

Bridge the gap between consumers and a company’s products or services. It is the ideal mechanism to offer a brand experience.

· Collaboration Tool

The organization of this type of event is very broad, because it draws sectors that may or may not have a direct relationship, but are or will be in continuous interaction.


What Do Stands at Expos Provide?

· They allow opening new markets.

· They promote a direct exchange of information.

· They offer interesting experiences for all the senses.

· They facilitate direct comparison of quality and price offered by the different exhibitors.

Participation in these events is one of the best ways brands can transmit their essence and create a real bond that will last over time. However, to achieve this, it is necessary to go further and provide something different. In other words, it is about creating an event that touches the consumer’s emotions.

Also, through an event you can work on polishing or perfecting the brand’s institutional image in the minds of the diverse public. An expo represents the possibility of interacting on a different plane.

The creativity in these events should be directed at designing a concrete experience for attendees, where the values, philosophy and image of the brand are communicated at all times.

The customer experience has to do with how the consumer feels when interacting with the company during the purchase or consumption of the product or service. The aim of brands is to create emotional and human bonds to facilitate a memorable experience. You have to design something clearly differentiating and then perpetuate that concept in each and every contact with the client.

Stand Design

The design of a stand should focus on creating an attractive environment to promote the four steps usually followed by a visitor before becoming a potential client. First, he gets oriented, observes and looks for what he needs. Next, he gets his first information. Then he asks for a sample, demonstration or more information. Finally, he starts a conversation that could generate one or more leads for the company (which initially should be the goal outlined by the participants).

A well-designed stand should quickly link to the service offered by the company. Thus, customers connect with all the verbal, visual and printed information presented by the brand, which must be clear and precise. Coupled with that, if what is sought is to publicize a particular product through the expo (which in itself already offers visual information), the initial impact of entering the pavilion must be overcome and a visual dialogue established quickly.

Finally, a figure to take into account: for at least 80 percent of large companies, events are an essential element in their communication strategy. Accordingly, marketing is focused on new ways to stimulate the senses, while consumers are looking for increasingly powerful products and experiences.

Participation in Expos as a Sales Tool