Parota Center Finishes Construction Stage

By Jorge Chávez
Jul. 31, 2019

Located on Avenida Francisco Villa, one of Puerto Vallarta’s busiest arteries, Parota Center is a new commercial-business center that allows you to open, expand or invest in your own business.

Due to its design and construction, this center is a modern and avant-garde project, the first of its kind in the city. In addition, it has a mixed marketing model, offering commercial premises and offices both for rent and for sale. Currently, more than 80 percent of its inventory is taken.

Parota Center has the advantage of being close to high-value residential areas such as Fluvial Vallarta, Gaviotas, Aralias, Versalles and Los Sauces.

In charge of developing the project, construction company GABMEX (from Guadalajara) has extensive experience in the construction of malls and has generated alliances with various businesses and franchises.

SB Realtors is in charge of marketing this new plaza, through Nancy Beltrán, the sales manager of the project, who dedicated a few minutes of her time to sharing its details and main features.

“The commercial area has a total of 56 premises (25 on the ground floor and 31 on the first floor), which range from 721 to 4,618 square feet. Among its amenities are 3,014 square feet of terrace on the first floor, as well as a panoramic elevator,” she explains.

Parota Center Finishes Construction Stage

“For its part, the business area consists of 36 offices located on the second, third and fourth floors, ranging between 592 and 646 square feet, and includes facilities such as an exclusive terrace for each level, lobby/reception area and both passenger and freight elevators.”

For visitors’ comfort, Parota Center offers 200 parking spaces, an area of ramps at the entrance (making it an inclusive space), a panoramic elevator and a garden that focuses on regional species, as well as the center’s emblematic tree: a majestic ancient parota.

Currently, of the available inventory, the sales price of business offices starts at $1,920,000 MXN, and that of commercial premises at $2,335,000 MXN. Rental prices start at $220 MXN per square meter.

It should be noted that both commercial premises and offices are delivered as obra gris, ready to be finished and adapted according to each business’s needs, so that owners and tenants can give them their brand’s unique and distinctive touch.

The types of businesses already confirmed for Parota Center include Vallarta companies and Guadalajara franchises, such as cafes, bars and restaurants; however, various services are also anticipated, such as dental and cosmetology clinics, pharmacies, spas, Pilates and yoga studios, a children’s play center and stores offering diverse products.

Due to its features, Parota Center is a great investment opportunity for generating more income for individuals who buy or rent a commercial premise or office. Because of the great interest it has generated, the plaza has begun a financing campaign that can be carried out through two processes: make a 30 percent down payment and pay the rest in six months without interest or make a 50 percent down payment and pay the rest in 12 months without interest.

Parota Center Finishes Construction Stage

“The project has a unique design, features and location. Parota Center, whose commercial expectations are a reality, will bring a very interesting variety of businesses that will serve all customers in the area.” —Nancy Beltrán, sales manager of Parota Center by SB Realtors.

Regarding the rental of commercial premises, Beltrán notes that it is a very quick and simple process. Once the business is approved and the contract signed, the premises are delivered so adaptations can begin, with a two-month grace period to execute them. The contract must be signed for a minimum of two years, paying two months in advance and one month’s deposit.

Currently, most of the commercial premises and offices, as well as the plaza’s administration, have already started operations. It is estimated that the plaza will be fully occupied before the end of the third quarter of 2019.

For more information about the commercial premises and offices available in Parota Center, contact Nancy Beltrán at (322) 888-6999 or