Palmera Vacations Relocates Its Nuevo Vallarta Office

Palmera Vacations Nuevo Vallarta


Local vacation rental and property management agency Palmera Vacations recently relocated its Nuevo Vallarta office. The new branch is in Plaza Bahía, on Blvd. Nayarit (close to El Tigre golf club’s main entrance).

Previously, the company’s local headquarters was opposite Hotel Villa Varadero, in Marina Nuevo Vallarta. Armando Sánchez, operations director of Palmera Vacations, explains that the new location will benefit from the flow of people who visit the shopping center to take advantage of the many services offered there. And company executives plan to expand and increase personnel at the new space.

When asked about activity for the first quarter of this year, Sánchez noted that each season has been better than the previous one for the past three years. “Puerto Vallarta is experiencing a tourism boom, and the rental and property management industry is benefitting from that growth.”

Currently, Palmera Vacations represents more than 500 properties in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Mazatlán. In addition, the company recently gained 100 properties in these vacation destinations. For more information, please visit

“Many businesses from different areas attract clients from various sectors to Plaza Bahía. We were looking for a place that would give us more visibility, and we believe that this is the ideal site, since there are a lot of people here every day.” —Armando Sánchez, operations director of Palmera Vacations.