New Lighting System in El Centro

The first stage of installation of the new LED lighting system began on Juarez Street.

Puerto Vallarta Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña inaugurated the first stage of the new lighting system in El Centro. About 50 lights with LED technology were placed along Juarez Street, providing a warm ambiance to passers-by.

The entire project includes placing light posts along Av. México and Paraguay, Perú, Colombia, Guadalupe Sánchez, Hidalgo and Morelos streets, where sidewalks will also be extended with resources from the Ministry of Tourism and Vallarta’s City Hall. In addition, Insurgentes Street, in the Romantic Zone, will also receive urban improvements.

Citelum is the company in charge of the renovation work. Dávalos Peña explained that the financing came from a residual $14 million pesos held by the company that, through a modified agreement, has been put toward this new objective.

“It is LED technology of the best quality, with lower energy consumption, and the efficiency of the lighting is greater. In addition, the height and distance of the poles, as well as the optics of the lamps, allows perfect illumination of the street and both sidewalks, without inconveniencing passers-by and neighbors.” —Israel Jáuregui, regional director of Occidente de Citelum.