The New Generation of Real Estate Agents

Young agents talk about their experience and vision within the industry.

New trends in marketing and promotion, the omnipresence of digital platforms and social networks, as well as constant sociocultural changes, require that a sector as competitive as the real estate industry has a young and fresh perspective to stay at the forefront of the action.

The sales agent’s profile is also changing, and real estate agencies are seeing the great potential of adding fresh blood to their teams. This is the case for Daniel Álvarez of Boardwalk Realty, Miles Gallardo of Elengorn Realtors, and Arturo Álvarez of Applegate Realtors; three young people representing this new generation of real estate professionals, who combine the motivation and ambition of their age with respect for the knowledge of those who have gone before them.

You represent the present and future of the real estate industry in Puerto Vallarta. How do you think young people are perceived in the sector?

“I think our colleagues are aware that we can positively contribute to the industry. If you show that you are motivated and willing, age is not a problem,” says Miles Gallardo.

“As in any other sector, young people always inject freshness. Although the real estate sector was slow to incorporate young talent into its sales teams, today they appreciate our ideas and professionalism,” adds Arturo Álvarez.

From left to right: Miles Gallardo, Daniel Álvarez and Arturo Álvarez.

What do you think is the new generation’s greatest contribution?

“At a practical level, we adapt more naturally to new digital tools and platforms. All generations take advantage of them, but I think young people are more precocious when it comes to integrating them into our trade,” says Daniel Álvarez.

“Unfortunately, there are still people who prefer to do it ‘the old way’ and are missing out on great opportunities. Today, many broker assistants are young because they can handle the new platforms and know how to improvise and/or solve problems in a creative way,” adds Miles Gallardo.

“An intelligent leader must be able to see the potential in someone who shows willingness and drive, and channel it so that he can excel as much or more than someone with proven experience. It is a risk worth taking,” says Daniel Álvarez.

According to Arturo Álvarez, “Many agencies hire young people to update their ideas, marketing knowledge, image and presence in the new communication channels. If you are not up to speed on this kind of thing, the competition can eat you alive.”

On the other hand, what should the younger generation learn from its predecessors?

“The generations that precede us are more perseverant. They know how to wait and savor their victories, no matter how long it takes to happen. It is a good idea for young people to approach an agency that is led by professional and experienced people, to help us get the best out of ourselves. They have already gone through everything we are going through,” says Daniel Álvarez.

Arturo Álvarez and Miles Gallardo agree that their generation is hasty, and they are used to opening Twitter or Facebook, reading a paragraph of some news and thinking they know everything on the subject. They recommend learning to be more disciplined and stopping to analyze things.

“It is also important not to take criticism as such, but as an opportunity to improve,” says Miles Gallardo. “At the end of the day, our elders learn from us and we from them. It is a continuous and reciprocal improvement that benefits us all.” Daniel Álvarez agrees and notes that the same applies to generations even younger than themselves. “One day, someone new comes to your agency, but that does not mean that you cannot learn anything from him. On the contrary, you may be surprised.”

Finally, you will be the generation that provides the example to those who are still studying or about to enter the workforce. What advice would you give those who decide to venture into the real estate industry?

“The important thing is to demonstrate that you are capable of doing your job professionally and have defined goals, that is, knowing what you want to do, where you want to go and how long it should take. Show ambition, that you are hungry to grow and contribute, but always with humbleness,” advises Arturo Álvarez.

“Never give up. If you are rejected by an agency, do not give up; there will always be someone willing to give you a chance. You must be persistent, show initiative and the desire to learn and grow,” says Miles Gallardo.

“The more you prepare, the better off you will be. You must realize that you will always have to train and learn as much as you can about real estate laws, sales and customer service. To some extent, it is good to think you know everything, but without losing perspective. The desire to conquer the world is great, but always listen to those who already have experience,” concludes Daniel Álvarez.