Nayri Life & Spa and Its Distinctive Amenities

Twelve months ago, the successful alliance formed by Domus Fine Real Estate and Arkit Diseño y Construcción began building Nayri Life & Spa, a 54-unit residential condominium, located on Basilio Badillo street, featuring an avant-garde architectural design, privileged location and premier amenities. During this past month, the first units were delivered to eager residents.

To learn more about the building’s attractions, we approached Claudio Leone, general manager of Domus Fine Real Estate, who began the conversation by explaining why Nayri Life & Spa is the ideal place to live: “This place was conceived with added value for the client in mind. How do we achieve that? By distinguishing ourselves. How do we differentiate ourselves? It’s very easy: with the first-class amenities we are offering. Personally, I like that the developments I represent are not only beautiful, but are designed and conceptualized in an intelligent way, so their owners get real added value. Nayri does all this.”

 Nayri Life and Spa

Ground Floor

This level of Nayri Life & Spa features a large entrance that includes a lobby, concierge service and social center. “Instead of building a typical business center, we prefer a concept we call a social center, an area ten times bigger than any business center in the region. Here you can perform such business activities as checking emails, printing, scanning and surfing the Internet in a social space equipped with flat screens, chairs and lounge areas. This encourages our residents to come down in the morning to drink their coffee and have a quiet breakfast, with the ability to check up on any business matters and more.”

In addition, this level is complemented by the Da Simone Italian haute cuisine restaurant, as well as an attended spa that will provide yoga and Pilates services, among others. Both establishments will be open to the public and, according to Leone, are sure to become destination landmarks.

Roof Garden

“Above the six levels of apartments, the roof garden includes a giant jacuzzi, a large infinity pool, different lounge areas and bars with service provided by the restaurant on the ground floor. In addition, there is a BBQ area, dining area and garden.”

Beyond these amenities and its unstinting spaciousness (not to mention the perfect view of the Romantic Zone and the great Banderas Bay), the roof garden stands out for its water feature, which in addition to being decorative makes it perfect for yoga and other relaxation exercises, as well as afternoon events and gala dinners, served by the restaurant located on the ground floor.

All this is complemented by an exclusive spa for residents, with lockers, steam room and sauna, massage areas with therapist service, rest and transition areas between restroom and massage areas, private showers and a fully equipped gym. “By bringing all this together in one place, our goal is for residents to feel as if they’re in a private club.”

Because of its location in the heart of the Romantic Zone, residents of this exclusive development have quick access to the pier and Los Muertos Beach, numerous restaurants with exquisite cuisine, the best nightlife and a variety of art galleries.

With 60 percent of the units sold, prices for one- and two-bedroom apartments (approximately 645 and 970 square feet, respectively) start at $187,000 USD. For more information, please contact Domus Fine Real Estate at (329) 298-5010 or visit the information and sales office on the ground floor of Nayri Life & Spa (Basilio Badillo 180, Romantic Zone).

Future Plans

Before concluding our conversation, we ask Leone about his future projects. “As a product of the alliance between Arkit Diseño y Construcción and Domus Fine Real Estate, we have developed Nayri La Cruz and now Nayri Life & Spa, so a trilogy is imminent in the short term. For obvious reasons, I cannot share more details, but I would like to say that two more real estate products are coming in Bucerías, Nayarit, and later we have plans to develop another one in the magnificent Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone,” he shares.

Nayri Life and Spa