Nayri La Cruz: 100% Sold in Pre-Construction Phase

Nayri La Cruz: 100% Sold in Pre-Construction Phase

Domus Fine Real Estate and Arkit Diseño y Construcción shared the success behind the project.

The renowned Domus Fine Real Estate Agency, along with the successful Arkit Diseño y Construcción construction firm, recently announced the complete sale of units at Nayri Condominiums, a brand-new beachfront development in La Cruz, during the construction phase. All units were sold by the seventh month of construction, and now, after nine months, they are being delivered to their owners. To get a better understanding of the project’s success, we reached out to both companies to discover their vision.


Nayri La Cruz was initially conceived as a small development with basic amenities. However, “the first thing we did was to meet with the Domus sales staff—along with a few external real estate agents that wanted to join the project—to ask about their previous experience regarding clients’ wants and needs in an oceanfront condo in the area. Several common threads which we had already addressed arose, along with others we had not contemplated. We were able to incorporate many of them to the project during the construction stage, and this is how its success began,” remarked Arkit Diseño y Construcción director, Gerardo Arteaga Bosque.

The Paradigm Shifts

“There was an expected level of mistrust surrounding the pre-construction sale process after the 2009 real estate fall,” commented Domus Fine Real Estate owner, Claudio Leone. “With Nary La Cruz, we can confirm that pre-construction sale is back and we are thrilled to share the news with the local real estate industry, as we see Puerto Vallarta and its market shifting back to a level of growth and trust that allows for all of us to implement pre-construction processes such as these.”

Moreover, “the development of the region, the security we have, and the care with which the destination looks after its residents and tourists, has made us feel more comfortable to call Puerto Vallarta our home. The city keeps prospering, something we saw clearly during this past September, when compared with past years. The decrease in tourism was less noticeable,” commented Arteaga.

Pre-Sale Advantages

This is a win-win strategy. On the one hand, owners win with the opportunity of purchasing a condo with a substantial discount. On the other, the developer is empowered to confidently move forward with the project.

Stand-Out Elements

“There is no other building like Nayri in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle,” emphasized Arteaga. “All the units we have delivered include dishwasher, stovetop, oven, refrigerator, washer, dryer, air extractors and grill. Everything was constructed from the ground up without using any drywall. Every unit is first-class.”

“Nayri is a well-designed project. Each of the units features air-conditioning, electricity, gas, water conditioner—a device used to reduce mineral salts in water, along with residual crusts that build up in the plumbing system—and all installations within each apartment. This means that owners do not need to climb up to the roof or down to the basement to control any of these services. Just flip the switch and you are ready to go on vacation,” added Leone.

Why Invest in Banderas Bay

“Even before we founded Arkit in Aguascalientes, we had set our eyes in this destination. Its infrastructure and connectivity has kept it relevant, and the issue of security—as it relates to residents and visitors—has always been key. This is important. Puerto Vallarta has something against which other tourism destinations in the country cannot compete: any person that visits, Mexican national or foreigner, always feels secure and at home. There is nothing to worry about. If we keep mindful of this fact, Vallarta will continue growing as an attractive destination,” concluded Arteaga.

About Nayri La Cruz

Nayri La Cruz is a project that combines a privileged beachfront location at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle with excellent views of the bay and Marina Riviera Nayarit at La Cruz. This small tower with modern design features six two-bedroom, two-bath units (one per level). There is underground parking, individual storage units, direct elevator access to each condo, kitchen, living room, dining room, balcony with BBQ, gardens and common areas, infinity pool, covered deck and access to the beach.

Future Plans

Both Arkit Diseño y Construcción and Domus Fine Real Estate, announced the construction of Nayri Life and Spa, a development located on Basilio Badillo in Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone. This project will feature 54 units, and one of its key amenities will be a modern, full-service spa. In addition, the project will have a business center, concierge services, gym, underground parking and a roof garden with swimming pool, jacuzzi, sun deck, lounge area and bar.

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