MLSVallarta Releases System Upgrade

The members-only section now features enhanced functionality.

MLSVallarta recently announced the upgrade of its members-only section (the property management system). This improvement intends to complement the features introduced a few years ago, when the public-side website of the service was redesigned.

This new platform will allow members to have full control of their property profiles and update their personal image and contact information on their own. Similarly, the process of adding new listings or updating current ones has been substantially simplified. The search feature is now similar to the one found on the public side, but with much more advanced search criteria.

To quote MLSVallarta director, John Youden, “one of the most requested features to be updated was the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and we have utilized many of your suggestions to build a CMA tool that is easy to use. Although it will only be available to premium members, we are currently making it available to everyone for 90 days so all can see how it works. The CMA is a very important tool for real estate agents and we believe we have built one that will prove extremely useful to all.”

All these improvements required migrating the service to a new hosting server, which will help speeding up the entire site and search capabilities. The end result is a more robust and faster MLS service that users will appreciate.

“Learning how to use and navigate the new upgrade should not be a problem, but if you do get stuck, we have created help videos to assist you. And if that does not provide the answer, Patty Peña is always available to assist you as well.” —MLSVallarta director, John Youden.