Mexico in the Top 3 of the Best Places to Retire in 2024

By Jorge Chávez
Mar. 27, 2024

The 2024 Global Retirement Index, published by the renowned International Living platform, has placed Mexico in third place among the best places to retire in 2024.

This index, created from surveys and real experiences, not only considers economic factors, but also aspects such as quality of life, climate, health care, and local culture. Mexico, with its rich natural beauty, vibrant expat community, and friendly environment, excels in all of these areas.

In addition, Mexico stands out for offering a wide culinary offering and variety, as well as impressive geographical diversity with beaches, mountains, deserts and jungles, perfect for almost all tastes and lifestyle preferences.

Because of this, investing in real estate is an attractive prospect in Mexico. In cities like Puerto Vallarta, you can find beachside condos or jungle homes starting at 200,000 USD, which represents much more affordable prices than in other tourist destinations in other parts of the world.

In addition, the lower cost of medical care in Mexico is another plus point for those who decide to retire in this country. With accessible medical specialists and healthier living due to the warm climate and a laid-back lifestyle, many expats report an improvement in their overall well-being.

Costa Rica, Portugal, and Mexico top the list. These three destinations have been praised for their laid-back lifestyle, the warmth of their locals, and their affordability without compromising luxury.

Our country is renowned for its laid-back lifestyle, the warmth of its people, and affordability without compromising luxury.