Measured Growth: Key to Keeping Nuevo Vallarta on Top

Originally from Mexico City, Ivan Koloffon came to Puerto Vallarta from Los Angeles, California, in 2000 for a vacation; however, the destination’s attractions and the opportunities that were presented to him convinced him to stay permanently. During his first years here, his work revolved around sales and public relations, which over time would open the doors for him to join the Grupo Real del Mar team in March 2005, when they were developing Punta Esmeralda and had outstanding inventory.


Ivan Koloffon: Measured Growth: Key to Keeping Nuevo Vallarta on Top

Six years later, when the resale market intensified after the real estate crisis, Koloffon was invited to become part of Domus Fine Real Estate, a then developing agency that he has been with uninterruptedly for the past seven years.

With 13 years of experience in the local real estate industry, Koloffon held first place in the quarterly (January-March 2018) statistics issued by AMPI’s FlexMLS, which take into account listings and reported sales volume. Now, as development manager of Domus Fine Real Estate, in addition to supporting salespeople, he is responsible for ensuring that the sale of this type of inventory is carried out correctly. “Much of the agency’s and my personal success has been thanks to the great sales team we have, as well as our colleagues and agents,” he emphasizes.

The destination’s assets are much appreciated by Koloffon, who likes to maintain a balance between his personal life and work, and with this job he can appropriately manage his time. “I believe there isn’t enough time to enjoy everything Vallarta · Nayarit has to offer; that’s why I live here with the attitude of being on permanent vacation. It is a spectacular place. I love the bay and that contrast of the sea with the mountains. And the town is magical for me. I have taken several tours, but I still have many left; however, it is a privilege just to be able to go to the beach any time you wish. I really enjoy going out on the water. We usually go to Las Ánimas in a small boat that we share among several friends. We simply take the trip, arrive, eat and enjoy the beach. I love playing golf, although now it is not as frequent as I would like. The city has very good connectivity, so you can fly to almost all major cities in Mexico and the United States. Because of the infrastructure and level of services, the reality is that there is a great quality of life here.”

Experience and Career Path

Koloffon forged his career with Grupo Real del Mar. “It’s a spectacular development, with that go from a million dollars on up. So, it is a high-end segment that is very responsive, because buyers are usually businessmen, artists or recognized athletes who know what they are looking for. I like it a lot, but through the years with Domus, I have also participated in the sale of Nayri, in the Romantic Zone; Isla Palmares, within El Tigre; and more recently Harbor, in the Hotel Zone. These developments have given me the opportunity to learn and enter all segments, because each one has its own challenges and particularities.”

Area of Interest and Opportunity

“I like the Nuevo Vallarta area very much. It makes for an excellent place to live because you are in the middle of the bay. Its beaches are wide, clean and very nice. You have all the services within walking distance, such as shopping centers, self-service stores, cinema, golf courses, world-class marina, spas, restaurants and much more. In addition, it is a midpoint for going to Puerto Vallarta or anywhere in the bay. It is a spectacular residential area, because of its variety of houses on the canal—with a dock, ideal for having a small boat—and the condominiums on and in front of the beach. They make Nuevo Vallarta an incredible place.”

When asked for his opinion on how the Nuevo Vallarta area can improve and/or not deteriorate, Koloffon was clear. “We must continue to monitor the measured growth. This place is characterized by having properties ranging from about 2,690 to nearly 10,765 square feet in some parts. If you continue with that and do not let it get saturated, I believe the charm and quality of life will be maintained for a long time. On the other hand, subdivisions such as Las Ceibas, Rincón del Cielo and Valle Dorado are places where the buildings are not very large, but there is a very good level of housing and people. It is very important that you do not begin to densify and build excessively.”

Challenges to Keep the Real Estate Industry Strong

Vallarta · Nayarit is one of the most complete destinations in Mexico, and although it has a lot of potential, special care must be taken in three essential aspects: security, so that people keep coming and feel comfortable; infrastructure, so that services and roads are built in an orderly manner; and, as mentioned above, measured growth, so as to avoid granting building permits everywhere. In addition, as long as professionalism in the industry in general is maintained, it will generate more confidence among all those involved,” he concludes.

Nayri, Measured Growth: Key to Keeping Nuevo Vallarta on Top