The Market Enjoying Active Retirement

Sarah ElengornIn the past few years, different international media outlets, such as Huffington Post and Live and Invest Overseas magazine, have included Puerto Vallarta on their selection of the best cities in the world to enjoy retirement. Even though our destination hosts one of the largest expat communities in Mexico, more infrastructure and services in our region have begun attracting a new generation with the intention of living an active retirement. They are known as Gen X (people born between 1960 and 1984), a younger crowd that visualizes the city not only as a destination where they can spend relaxing days, but also to continue their professional development.

Sarah Elengorn, president of one of the most promising real estate agencies in the region, shared her thoughts about this specific market: “This segment is growing considerably. People between the ages of 40 and 50 are now able to work from any location thanks to technological advances, so they are making this type of transition in their lives earlier than they used to. It is exciting to see this happening because it helps us to redefine Puerto Vallarta as an excellent retirement destination but also as a place to enjoy a productive life while still working.”

Sarah has noticed a noticeable presence of this market sector seeking to participate in the city’s day-to-day activities, in her listing sales records, including Zenith, the newest development represented by her company. For that matter, she embodies the new mentality: originally from London, she graduated in European Studies from the University of Bath, United Kingdom, and came to Puerto Vallarta in 2003 as a volunteer for an international social service program. Since then, she has been a full time resident. As time passed, she got involved in the real estate industry (starting as the assistant of a local realtor) and succeeded in founding her own company in less than ten years.

“It was interesting to start from scratch in an unknown industry. Instead of being at a disadvantage, it helped me understand my clients and offer them quality service because sometimes they don’t have a prior knowledge in the field, so you have to guide them through their choices, the same way I was guided.”

Sarah attributes the success of her company to personalized attention and states that another important factor that has helped position her company is the sound relationships established with developers and architects she’s collaborated with. “I’ve had the good fortune to be involved in the projects that I’ve represented from the very beginning, looking at the architectural plans and how they adapt to the new market needs. My opinion has always been taken into account, and that is something I’m very pleased with, because it would be a huge mistake not to consider the point of view of the agency representing the development. We have to work together to make the project a sales success,” she concludes.

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