Laboratorio de Arquitectura Mexicana

Characterized by its combination of professionalism, proven experience evidenced in important local and national projects, as well as a fresh and contemporary vision of the current challenges of architecture, design and urbanism, the Laboratorio de Arquitectura Mexicana (LAM) is dedicated to the success of architectural projects, offering services related to design, construction, remodeling, real estate inspection and consulting on urban and real estate management matters from architectural, legal and administrative perspectives.

The idea of founding LAM arose in 2011, when founding partners Alberto Reyes, Andrés Reyes, Fernando Valdez, Julián Arellano and Ángel Zermeño decided to unite their skills and shared understanding of architecture and design. This team of five visionary professionals was gradually augmented by an enthusiastic team that today includes seven architects and civil engineers and other professionals distributed among their offices and construction sites.

Laboratorio de Arquitectura Mexican

Youth as an Asset; Efficiency and Quality as a Calling Card

“Being a firm of young professionals, there is a certain preconception that we lack the experience necessary to handle a big project. But at the end of the day, our work speaks for itself,” says general manager Alberto Reyes. He notes that Mexico’s younger generations are more accustomed to working in multidisciplinary teams, in addition to being better prepared than ever.

“We get continual feedback from the whole team, and we all come from different professions: business management, civil engineers, architects, lawyers. In addition, all LAM members have master’s degrees or are pursuing doctorates, which provides a solid foundation for establishing and supporting the soundness of our projects,” says Reyes.

This young agency’s extensive portfolio is a clear example of the latter, its variety of projects demonstrating LAM’s unstoppable trajectory: the design of government offices in several Mexican states and the development of projects at the local level for renowned companies such as Honda, as well as several projects in the residential sector, including the design of subdivisions and construction of apartments and houses in the Vallarta · Nayarit area.

“The Honda facility was very big job and included a lot of engineering. Tripling the size of the original building, 100 percent of the agency was remodeled, including the sales area and showroom, as well as expanding the maintenance area and entire workshop,” notes project manager Julián Arellano.

The recent design of the new offices of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board was another exciting project for the members of LAM. “Along with others, we submitted a bid, which was very well received, and our design won. With our proposal, we wanted to preserve the romantic part of Puerto Vallarta, including metalwork and various paintings and murals that remind you where you are,” explains business manager Andrés Reyes.

Beyond Architecture and Construction

Attentive to the technological, cultural and social changes affecting their clients and also the community, their projects always consider sociocultural factors and pay heed to sustainable urban planning and protecting the city’s heritage.

One example is the recent construction of a building for student housing and work spaces in the vicinity of the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Puerto Vallarta, where several LAM members teach and do research. “This project was very satisfying. Most of the homes in this area were modestly built and feature little architectural experimentation, so our buildings captivated people, who came by just to look, and it was very interesting for us,” says Reyes.

“We will also begin rehabilitating several buildings in the 5 de Diciembre area soon. We believe this area will be seeing a change in the near future, even the infrastructure, with great potential for real estate development because of its strategic location,” he adds.

The objective of the members of the Laboratorio de Arquitectura Mexicana is to continue this ongoing growth and that it be beneficial to the community. “Due to our professional performance and experience, we see interesting areas of opportunity not only for us, but also for the city. We are able to address issues dealing with subjects such as urban planning, assessment for urban planning or urban and real estate law, and we also continue to be involved in the educational aspect, since we are teachers and researchers with TEC de Puerto Vallarta, not to mention the cultural aspect, as we constantly collaborate with the Oficina de Proyectos Culturales and Centro Cultural Cuale. Being an architecture and construction company doesn’t mean we must be limited to only that. We believe it is important to share our expertise in the classroom and in the cultural, urban and social areas, as well,” concludes Andrés Reyes.

Laboratorio de Arquitectura Mexican

About LAM

Laboratorio de Arquitectura Mexicana, offering architectural, construction and design services and solutions, is located at Prolongación Encinos 126, Residencial Albatros, Puerto Vallarta. For more information, call (322) 114-3222, email, visit or check their Facebook page @LamArquitectura.