Keller Williams Bahía Inauguration

By Jorge Chávez
Aug. 14, 2019

Keller Williams has expanded its presence to the Mexican Pacific with the inauguration of its 36th market center in the country: Keller Williams Bahía, located in Parota Center, the new commercial-business center located on Av. Francisco Villa in Puerto Vallarta. With this venue, the renowned international brand intends to make the most of the area’s dynamism (as it is on one of the city’s busiest streets), offering the diverse properties that make up its inventory.

To celebrate this new stage, the company held a cocktail in its offices, receiving municipal authorities, real estate agents, associates and colleagues, who hope to have a positive synergy with the various real estate groups in the area and form a support network.

Jorge Carbonell, principal operator of Keller Williams México, emphasized the role of this market center in the company: “Keller Williams Bahía had not yet officially opened its doors and already had more than one billion pesos (50 million USD) in inventory. In addition, we are closing transactions for close to 500 million pesos. And most importantly of all, today it is the home of 50 associates who believed in this project.”

Keller Williams stands out worldwide for promoting values such as integrity, efficiency and leadership, since it has an ongoing training model that bolsters the growth and development of each of its members to foster camaraderie and teamwork.

Keller Williams Bahía Inauguration, Vallarta Real Estate Guide, Puerto Vallarta

“This is the 36th market center in Mexico, but we hope that it will be 100 in the next five years and that we reach a real estate community of 10,000 people. For us, Bahía is very special because of its collaborative model, the developers that exist, the authorities and everyone involved in the industry.” —Jorge Carbonell, principal operator of Keller Williams México.