Juan Pablo and Carlos Stone of StoneContractors

Founded in 1999, StoneContractors is considered one of the leading companies in the region’s construction sector. During these nearly two decades, the company’s numerous exclusive projects (mainly high-end houses and villas in the Punta Mita area, as well as along Banderas Bay) have established themselves as benchmarks and clear examples of the sophistication of the luxury real estate segment in Vallarta · Nayarit.

At the head of this prolific construction company are the Stone brothers, Juan Pablo (civil engineer and general director) and Carlos (architect and project manager), who share their trajectory, successful projects and learning opportunities.

Originally from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, upon graduating from their respective studies in Guadalajara, they both moved to Puerto Vallarta in 1997 to work as part of the project supervision team for one of the Hotel Marival expansions. After two years of dedicating himself to remodeling in other properties, Juan Pablo decided to establish his own construction company, later joined by his brother Carlos.

Juan Pablo and Carlos Stone of StoneContractors

Building Success and Consolidation

Built in 1999, the company’s first project was a house in Conchas Chinas. They reflect on how the trends and market possibilities have evolved since then: “At that time, the trend was toward the Mexican styles, with traditional architecture, barro floors, a lot of tile. The houses were more austere; there was no technology nor the materials that we can access now. Puerto Vallarta was isolated, in a certain sense, and supply options were somewhat limited,” says Carlos. “This first project served as a springboard for the construction company. We started to get to know and interact with people, clients and colleagues. And thanks to the recommendations of our first customers our name became established and we began to get more opportunities to be part of new projects,” he adds.

The Stone brothers agree that Casa Gaviotas (built in El Farallón in 2001) was the project that really put their company on the map. “It was one of the first large luxury houses built in the Punta Mita area, where there were still not many properties.”

For Carlos and Juan Pablo, these first projects were not only a success that helped to consolidate their brand, but they were an excellent opportunity to learn more about their target market. “Many of our clients came from their big houses in California, and came with a more refined vision. They told us about that luxurious lifestyle and the sophisticated features and trends they were looking for in their new vacation homes. We were young, newly initiated in the industry and by understanding what they were looking for we began to identify the keys to what that premium market demands,” recalls Juan Pablo.

It was in 2004 that StoneContractors began to build assiduously in Punta Mita, something they sought with great tenacity. “We were pushing to enter that market and we got it. We were attracted by the quality of the projects, the level of the clients, as well as the excellent tourist infrastructure that was being developed in the area, and we wanted to be part of that growth,” they comment.

Since then, the company has participated in almost 30 luxury residential projects in the area, including outstanding undertakings such as Casa Taheima (which they remember as a personal success, since it was built in 2009-2010, at the height of the crisis), Villa Singita, Casa Botti, Casa Noosa and Villa Siriyana, among others. “We really cannot highlight a specific project; we are proud of all of them, since each one has been conceived at a specific moment, in a different place and for a single client,” says Carlos.

In addition to Punta Mita, StoneContractors has carried out projects in areas such as El Tigre, Flamingos, Marina Vallarta, El Banco, Real del Mar and Punta del Burro, among others. They have also managed to venture into places as diverse as the southern coast of Jalisco and Colima.

Learning and Continuous Improvement

Far from staying in their comfort zone, the Stone brothers are aware that the key to success and their competitive advantage lies in always offering the best for the most ventures demanding clients. Ironically, Juan Pablo says that, during his career, what has most impelled the company to constantly evolve has been failed projects. “Every time a potential client does not hire us, we have taken it as a challenge. Why did not he hire us? What did we lack? The first time this happened, it led us to make changes in our structure, processes and to further train both ourselves and our team, attaining bachelor and master degrees, striving to be the best. For us, it is essential to exceed the expectations of our clients, so we have put together the best team and work closely with the best architects, designers, artists and landscapers. This approach to excellence and continuous improvement is a pillar of our philosophy.”

Within that vision, the Stones are proud of the united work team they have managed to assemble. “For us, working as a team and developing their talent is an essential part of the business. Our team has grown with us. Many of our staff, both in office and on site, have been with us for more than 15 years. There have been complicated cycles in the market, but we have remained united and that has allowed us to grow constantly,” says the general director.

Another factor that pushes StoneContractors to stay up to date is the constant development and growth of both the destination and the construction sector. “From Chamela, in Costalegre, to San Blas, in Riviera Nayarit, we believe there are many growth opportunities for us and for the industry in general. Punta Mita, where we developed more projects, continues to be an area with a lot of growth and development opportunities. New projects and brands that attract new visitors, residents and developers are coming to the destination,” emphasizes Juan Pablo.

“Thanks to this hard-fought competition, the level of companies in the construction industry in our region is very high, at the level of any international construction company. The market is very attractive; there are more and more projects of greater magnitude, which is why more construction companies are arriving from Guadalajara and Mexico City, with great interest in participating in the Vallarta · Nayarit real estate market. In contrast to our beginnings, today we have access to the best technologies and materials, with the latest in home automation and the best finishes,” says Carlos.

Finally, faithful to the philosophy of their company, the Stone brothers say they face the future with great optimism, their goal to remain solid and prosperous. “Our idea is to achieve diversification, to continue growing. We are aware of the importance of minimizing risks and looking for opportunities in other niches. The markets are changing, and we try to keep up with the changes in trends, with a high capacity for responding and adapting to new ways of understanding construction.”

Juan Pablo and Carlos Stone of StoneContractors