JAC Solana Opens in Puerto Vallarta

By Jorge Chávez
Jul. 21, 2023

Giant Motors, together with Grupo Solana, inaugurated the new JAC Solana car agency in Puerto Vallarta. This adds 55 dealerships to its growing national coverage.

The inauguration event was attended by Elias Massri, CEO and director of Giant Motors Latin America; Luis Miguel Solana, director of Grupo Solana; and Kazuo Sakihama, president of Chori (a Japanese financial group with investments in the global automotive industry), as well as other important partners of Giant Motors Latin America.

“Giant Motors is pleased to announce that Grupo Solana is joining to our growing family in Mexico. This inauguration is particularly exciting and significant as we bring good news and a message of work, growth, confidence and investment to the country in these current times,” said Massri.

Located on Carretera a Tepic 5745, Las Juntas, the showroom consists of a reception area, executive offices, a waiting room and the designated area for the delivery of the cars. In addition to that, they have a warehouse for spare parts, a service workshop, inventory area and parking for customers.

“The opening of JAC Solana Puerto Vallarta is the result of our commitment to offer competitive and high-quality products. We are confident that Vallarta · Nayarit will actively contribute to the development of the brand.” —Luis Miguel Solana, director of Grupo Solana.

JAC Solana Puerto Vallarta

The car brand formally began operations in Vallarta · Nayarit.