Initiatives with a Vision of Development for Puerto Vallarta

By Jorge Chávez
Dec. 10, 2020

Puerto Vallarta is a city full of attributes that have led it to become an attractive hub for national and international investors. To take advantage of this boom, various initiatives and strategies are being carried out to help trigger the proper urban development of this tourist destination.

Topics such as improvement of the urban image, mobility in the city, commitment to strengthening economic reactivation and attention to social needs to contribute to improving the quality of life of Vallarta’s people are priorities on the agenda of those who are committed to designing strategies based on a shared vision.

Luis Munguía, local representative for the fifth district of Jalisco, shared that the creation of aligned strategies from a triple helix is being encouraged, which will allow recovery of the city’s commercial activity, impacting on the generation of employment and urban development.

Initiatives with a Vision of Development for Puerto Vallarta

Luis Munguía, local representative for the fifth district of Jalisco.

He indicated that the Jalisco Congress is considering updating the city’s mobility development to ascertain what alternatives exist and thus avoid vehicular saturation on certain streets.

Munguía stressed that Puerto Vallarta’s national and international positioning is thanks to this tourist destination’s essence, which, consequently, has underpinned the attraction of investment.

“There is ample opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to bet on Puerto Vallarta to do so in a place that is safe, in a place that has that essence given by the people of Vallarta who provide services and are always giving the very best for those who invest here.”

And he said it is precisely this same quality and identity that should be prioritized when thinking about the development of a city that, due to its climate, flora and fauna, has become increasingly attractive and competitive.

Initiatives with a Vision of Development for Puerto Vallarta

“May these natural beauties be conserved, making it easier for us to live together in a beautiful natural environment … to understand, as the architect I am, the design of the city with these factors so favorable for those who wish to invest.”

In addition, he stressed that some of the factors that make Puerto Vallarta a key destination for investment are the deep-rooted nature of its traditions and a geographical configuration unique in Mexico, having in the same setting the sea, the mountains and a town that radiates warmth.

From the Comisión de Productividad Turística y de Desarrollo Económico (Commission of Tourism Productivity and Economic Development), of which he is a member in the Jalisco Congress, he pointed out that projects and initiatives are being promoted that use Puerto Vallarta as a point of reference for capturing potential markets.

“The film industry is being supported with resources that allow us to focus on Puerto Vallarta, and that generates a greater attraction of markets. In Jalisco and in Puerto Vallarta, the state government is supporting the approval of resources to contribute to the continued promotion of real estate development and the generation of economic benefits and jobs.”

In addition, he said that, due to the urban planning already developed in some areas of Puerto Vallarta, verticality is an excellent alternative to generate recreational spaces, with greater transportation connectivity and access to services.

Initiatives with a Vision of Development for Puerto Vallarta

“May we enjoy the city more with the theme of urban improvements; may the connectivity between areas and public transportation be reinforced, with the idea of utilization—to make the configuration of the bay more fruitful, to reduce vehicular traffic to give it better mobility.”

With a social vision, the representative shared that the development of infrastructure that allows for improving conditions, based on equal opportunities, should be the prelude to projects that seek to promote the growth of the city.

Furthermore, he indicated that one of the great challenges in Puerto Vallarta is updating development plans, which will depend on the capacity to understand the demands and needs for proper real estate development in the city.

“The biggest challenge in the short term is the design of the IMEPLAN (Instituto Metropolitano de Planeación) (Metropolitan Planning Institute) of Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas. It will undoubtedly benefit both municipalities to work together,” he concluded.