Information: Key to the Insurance Industry

Originally from Mexico City, Antonio Trejo is the co-founder and general manager of Guardian Insurance MX. Barely 30 years old, in his professional life he has dedicated himself for more than seven years to insurance, where his trajectory and experience is already recognized among other companies and colleagues.

His foray into this industry occurred when he was invited to collaborate in a company where he began to specialize in health insurance. “I decided to focus on this coverage because I consider it to be one of the most complex, since, in addition to being linked to people’s health, many factors and variables come into play, which can include doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, among others,” he explains.

Antonio Trejo Guardian insurance mx

In 2017 Guardian Insurance MX was founded. This full-service agency specializes in serving the foreign market that lives in Mexico permanently, as well as part-time, and/or that comes to invest through businesses and properties, knowing that one of this market’s main problems is the lack of knowledge about how the processes and legal aspects of the country function. Currently, 11 people work in this company that focuses on offering home, condo, building, boat, health, travel, life, investment and civil liability insurance, among others.

“When the opportunity arose to start with Guardian Insurance MX, I immediately agreed with the vision of the other founders, who are characterized by having an innovative vision and, above all, a focus on providing quality service over sales volume. We were all attuned to creating an agency where the myths of the insurance industry were clarified in order to convey confidence to our potential clients. In addition, we changed the complicated and convoluted language involved in this industry to one that is more understandable and direct for our clients and prospects.”

Antonio Trejo Guardian insurance mx

Booming Real Estate Development

“Of course, the real estate boom the Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit region is currently experiencing benefits us all, as well. This bonanza is reflected in the purchase of more home insurance, as well as in other types of coverage that meet the different investment needs of our clients.”

However, our expert mentions that, despite this bonanza, there are some challenges for those dedicated to selling insurance in the destination. “In property insurance, the main challenge we have is to provide the right advice at the right time. Most potential clients come with a series of common questions, but after that they do not go any further, and that is, to a certain extent, normal. However, a responsible broker or agent will guide, explain and go into depth on other topics and/or issues that have not been brought to the table. In addition, he will provide examples of various scenarios to try to answer possible questions that still exist. The best way to guarantee good service is by filtering and/or selecting all the information necessary to be able to offer something that really adapts to what they are seeking.”

In relation to this, the general manager of Guardian Insurance MX explains that, on many occasions, people come with different expectations about how to insure an investment with respect to the way it is done in the United States or Canada, mainly in real estate. “Our goal is not simply to sell them a policy, but to advise them, protect their investment, and teach them how to protect it. The difference is in knowing the client, understanding what he needs and negotiating with him. This gives them more confidence and a guarantee that their property is safe.”

 “We are always innovating and looking at what else we can do to guarantee the peace of mind, satisfaction and confidence of our clients. In fact, we are proud to know that our company and the policies we offer comply with national and international regulations and laws.”

Before concluding our conversation, Trejo made clear the importance of insurance worldwide. “The whole world is sustained by the certainty that a company behind it will respond in case something goes wrong. The lives of many people are insured, buildings are insured, companies are insured, businesses are insured, and that provides stability when investing, which translates into benefits of various kinds for everyone.”

Guardian Insurance MX is based in Puerto Vallarta’s Plaza Península, but also has an office in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. In the future they seek to expand their national coverage by including offices in Mexico’s main tourist destinations.

Antonio Trejo Guardian insurance mx