Inclusive Infrastructure in Marina Vallarta

As part of a citizen initiative that promotes inclusive mobility spaces, the Asociación de Residentes Marina Vallarta, A.C. has allocated an investment of its own resources for the construction of 90 ramps that will be distributed on different streets in this dynamic area.

This project started in September 2019 on Calle Albatros. Architect Alonso González, the association’s head of supervision and maintenance, created the first ramps and, noticing that many people were beginning to use them, as an initiative he decided to implement them throughout the neighborhood.

The idea was immediately approved by the different members of the board, including the president of the association, Enrique Camargo, the secretary, Carlos Alberto Berján, and the treasurer, Luis Angarita, as well as prominent leaders and entrepreneurs from different developments in the area.

Currently, construction progress is at 50 percent, and it is estimated that this project will be completed in May 2020.

“Upon completion of the ramps, the next step will be to replace the cobblestone that is part of the pedestrian crossing with smooth materials, so that wheelchairs, strollers and alternative vehicles will have a better ride and thus generate more complete land connectivity in Marina Vallarta.” —Alonso González, head of supervision and maintenance of the Asociación de Residentes Marina Vallarta, A.C.

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