Iludeco: Large-scale Lighting Projects

Created in Guadalajara in 2015, Iludeco is one of the fastest growing and expanding large-scale lighting companies in the country. Its extensive portfolio of projects includes various public infrastructure works nationwide, as well as a strong foray into the premium residential sector and the hotel industry in Mexico’s main tourist destinations, among others.

Headed by Eduardo Godoy, general director of the company, Iludeco’s beginnings were as an online store that supplied between 800 and 1,000 orders per month to all parts of the republic. “The way we entered the sector was very different, and we got many customers very quickly, because instead of buying in person, they were looking for the comfort that digital purchases provide. This, in addition to helping us make inroads, contributed to generating the credibility required to take on the type of projects we handle,” he explains.

With five years of successful experience, Iludeco is composed at its core by more than 20 people distributed in Guadalajara (its headquarters), as well as in Mexico City, San José del Cabo, Querétaro and now in Vallarta · Nayarit, where they have already carried out some projects, but they are working to establish themselves as a benchmark in the sector with the real estate boom that our destination is currently experiencing.



“I like to define Iludeco with its corporate name: Nos Prende lo que Hacemos, S.A. de C.V. (What We Do Is What We Get). That explains very well what we are, a passionate group with what we do, very intense people in the company. We are involved in high-level projects, that is, the top level that can be found in Mexico: airports, entire cities, subway lines, complete hotel chains, smart industrial warehouses, premium residences, and so on. That’s what we are, a boutique company that serves the most demanding client, and we do it because we like it and we have the capacity. In fact, our motto is ‘My office is your office,’ so we go directly to our clients’ offices or construction sites to negotiate and/or monitor progress,” he says.


  • Marketing of lighting and electrical equipment
  • Lighting projects
  • Automation and control projects
  • Education (courses)
  • Tropicalization of projects
  • Illumination financing
  • Lighting installation

focos iludeco


Due to its organizational capacity and high-tech logistics, in this short time, Iludeco has been able to successfully carry out different projects in several cities in Mexico, including the following:

Public Infrastructure

  • Line 3 of the Light Rail (Guadalajara, Jalisco)
  • Line 1 of the Light Rail (Guadalajara, Jalisco)
  • First level cable-stayed bridges (La Paz, Baja California and Reynosa, Tamaulipas)
  • Public lighting (La Piedad, Michoacán)
  • Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (Guadalajara, Jalisco)

“For Iludeco, the Line 3 of the Light Rail project was very relevant, as it was the largest work in the state of Jalisco during the previous administration,” Godoy shares proudly.

Hotel Infrastructure

  • Grupo Pueblo Bonito (Los Cabos, Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta)
  • InterContinental Hotels Group (Guadalajara)
  • Velas Resorts (Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit)
  • Tafer Resorts (Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Los Cabos)
  • Montage Hotels & Resorts (Los Cabos)
  • Ramada Encore (Guadalajara)
  • Buenaventura Hotels (Puerto Vallarta)

Grand Velas Rivera Nayarit


One of Iludeco’s great differentiators is its ability to offer financing for large works. “We have to give that solution to the client, because currently it is a real need that allows them a greater cash flow to complete their projects. We can do it, and that helps to generate a long-term relationship with them,” he explains.


“We ask our main suppliers to be certified as an Empresa Socialmente Responsable (Socially Responsible Company) and, to those who manufacture in Mexico, that they comply with the Industria Limpia (Clean Industry) program. We only sell LED technology, since the use of such materials represents considerable energy savings. In addition, the implementation of a good lighting project will be directly reflected in less carbon emissions.”


To promote the independence, integration and dignity of people with visual disabilities, Escuela Helen Keller (Helen Keller School) was founded in 1987 to provide comprehensive educational care to children with poor vision. This Organización de la Sociedad Civil (OSC) (Civil Society Organization) has been actively supported by Iludeco through donations. “We believe in their cause, and we are convinced that an integrated educational community benefits us all.”

Visit to learn more about this successful company or call (33) 2939-7335 or (33) 4593-5404 to start working with them on your next large-scale lighting project