GDL – PV Highway Shortcut Could Be Ready in 2020

By Jorge Chávez
Jul. 23, 2020

It was recently announced that the highway shortcut between Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara could be completed during the month of October 2020, since the third and final stage of construction is more than 90 percent complete.

Grupo Carso is in charge of developing the 53.4 miles that comprise this phase, which presents a complex orography that has required the construction of three modern tunnels that will have high safety and construction standards.

So far, two of these three spectacular tunnels show great progress, their main characteristics as follows:

· El Guamúchil
Located very close to a Riviera Nayarit town with which it shares its name, the length of this tunnel will be about 3,609 feet.

· Bueyes
At about 1,771 feet long, this tunnel will run very close to Sayulita, Nayarit.

The third tunnel, still without a name or fully confirmed length, will run almost directly from El Guamúchil, a town about 7.5 miles north of Bucerías.

In addition, construction continues on the Las Truchas bridge, an infrastructure project about 984 feet long and 246 feet high that will connect Las Varas with Compostela, Nayarit.

Once the construction of the approximately 111 miles that make up this highway is completed, consisting of the Jala – Compostela (33.5 miles), Compostela – Las Varas (24.2 miles) and Las Varas – Bahía de Banderas (53.4 miles) sections, the connection between our destination and Guadalajara will be only two and a half hours.

GDL – PV Highway

The third and final stage of construction is more than 90 percent complete.