Gabriel Iñiguez: Focus and Skill in Real Estate Sales

Although Gabriel Iñiguez was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, he grew up in Vallarta · Nayarit in a family dedicated to the real estate sector, factors that would determine his professional trajectory.

Currently, at age 28, Iñiguez has become one of the most outstanding sales consultants for PUERTARENA, a residential development headed by his father, Alejandro Iñiguez, the leading civil engineer behind projects such as Residencial Puerta del Valle and Los Olivos.

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The World of Sales

His professional trajectory began in 2014, when he joined the timeshare marketing department of the Paradise Village hotel, where he developed and perfected his sales skills.

“In addition to my time-share activities, in my spare time I dedicated myself to promoting several units in the Los Olivos residential development,” shares Iñiguez.


Real Estate

Although Iñiguez was comfortable in his job, one day he decided to make the transition to real estate.

“In 2016 I joined Domus Fine Real Estate as a sales agent, which represented a challenge, because despite my previous experience in the area, I discovered that in real estate the pace of sales is a little slower, because it involves a more structured process, where before going out to offer a property and doing a closing, one must prepare properly, take courses and know everything about the product being offered, so that the client is completely satisfied.”

“Once I was trained and my knowledge about the different properties increased, I felt quite comfortable when dealing with prospects, and things just flowed naturally. When I managed to close my first real estate sale, I knew I would do very well for the rest of the year, and I did.”

Iñiguez shared that his first closing motivated him to prepare more to become one of the agency’s top real estate agents, a goal he accomplished in the short term. “It was very gratifying when Claudio Leone (CEO of Domus Fine Real Estate) commented that my sales volume was high, as that reaffirmed my capacity for marketing. This was the main reason I decided to focus on boosting the promotion of PUERTARENA, the new real estate project my family is working on.”

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“This is a well located development, offering spacious two and three bedroom apartments. It is a project that I trust and even more so because, since my arrival in March 2019, sales began to be more dynamic, so much so that we have already sold the entire first phase, which has caused the delivery of these units to be in June 2020, some months earlier than expected. For me, this represents a great personal satisfaction because it was a challenge to get the first prospects to decide to buy when the construction process had not even started, and they were the ones who started recommending me to more people.”

“I like to be solving things. I love real estate, and what I enjoy most about sales is the opportunity to get to know people through different conversations, advise them the best way and be able to help them answer any questions they may have regarding the area or their future property. Therefore, I like to stay informed about the local real estate market, as well as the value of nearby properties and general legal issues, to know how to answer all possible questions prospects have. I also like challenges, so I always try to find the best solution to the needs and interests of each client.”

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Destination Evolution and Expectations

“When I started to dedicate myself to this, five years ago, this area of Boulevard Nuevo Vallarta was not yet so developed, and now we can find new developments, restaurants and businesses with different commercial activities that have been established here. Growth has been extraordinarily rapid. Regarding the future of Banderas Bay, I think it will be very prosperous, since there are very large projects coming up, such as the Vidanta theme park, which, in addition to increasing the added value of the area and destination, will attract more visitors and potential investors.”

Before finishing our conversation, Iñiguez shared that, despite spending a lot of time on his professional development by taking courses and training that enrich his work, he keeps fit by practicing sports such as soccer and surfing and tries to maintain a balanced life by spending time in the company of his family and friends, with whom he enjoys going to various restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta.

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