Francia: A Dynamic Street

In addition to the shopping centers and malls, there are areas and neighborhoods throughout Vallarta · Nayarit that have become dynamic locations over recent years, housing various commercial establishments that contribute much to the local economy as well as creating jobs. One of these places is the Versalles neighborhood, a residential area whose main streets are home to a lot of businesses.

Francia street, which is more than a half mile long and practically crosses the Versalles neighborhood, has seen the exponential development of shops and businesses in its vicinity.

This bonanza is not the result of chance. In June 2017, Puerto Vallarta’s municipal government inaugurated the paving of Vienna street, another more than half-mile road that connects Plaza Caracol with Francisco Villa, one of the busiest avenues in the city. This infrastructure, with an investment of almost 20 million pesos, has not only directly benefited the more than 1,300 residents along the road, but also the more than 35,000 inhabitants of the Versalles and Díaz Ordaz neighborhoods, as well as all those who use the road intermittently.

The article “Urban Improvements that Stimulate Business” (published in the April 2017 Vallarta Real Estate Guide) noted that the recent paving of that street could contribute to the opening of new businesses in the Versalles neighborhood. And while many opened along Vienna street, others were installed on Francia street (which goes from Fluvial Vallarta, crosses Vienna street and connects with Francisco Medina Ascencio avenue).

Although it is true that Francia street already had important commercial development, the events previously mentioned boosted it further. Everything starts at the west end, with the HSBC bank, the Suites del Sol hotel and the Mar y Tierra taco stand, three establishments that collectively receive hundreds of visitors daily. On the next block (to the northeast), the many businesses include a small two-story shopping plaza, a laundry, a bazaar and a cafeteria, all geared mostly to the local community.

Sushi in House and Natureza are located one block farther, these two restaurants having found their ideal location on that corner, where they receive both local and foreign customers. To one side of them, the four-unit Condominios Valeria was recently built, to help meet the demand for new residential properties in the area.

Francia: A Dynamic Street, Vallarta Real Estate Guide

At the intersection with Lisboa street, the Puerto Vallarta Trailer and RV Park is a large area with excellent amenities, where dozens of visitors who travel in their RVs stay. And before crossing Vienna street, there are more apartments, houses, businesses and food stalls focused on the local community.

Several businesses have also been established on the second half of Francia street, thanks to the population growth and being next to a street that now receives increased traffic. It begins with Multimedica, a hospital focused on plastic surgery, as well as other businesses dedicated to aesthetics and body care. A little farther on, OPA Greek Bistro recently opened its doors to offer a new option to both residents and visitors.

A little before arriving at Fluvial Vallarta, at the intersection with España street, Barrio Bistro and La Lulú Raicillería are culinary and entertainment concepts created by local chef Memo Wulff, both also focused on residents as well as visitors.

It is noteworthy that Francia street in the Versalles neighborhood stands out for its conurbated area, varied socioeconomic level (middle and medium-high), moderate vehicular and pedestrian traffic, local and foreign clientele, accessibility, road connections and wide variety of both businesses and services.

In addition, in the adjoining areas there are several convenience stores, pharmacies, small shops, shopping malls and miniplazas with commercial premises available for rent. Also, the existence of several vacant lots makes the construction of new commercial buildings possible.

Unquestionably, this street represents an excellent option to establish new businesses, so we invite you to visit it and investigate what it offers, its dynamics, as well as its possibilities for growth.

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Francia: A Dynamic Street, Vallarta Real Estate Guide