Fluvial Vallarta’s Commercial Zone

Decades ago a large space where sorghum was planted, in early 2006 the area began to take shape as one of the most important residential subdivisions in Puerto Vallarta. Fluvial Vallarta Residencial is a planned community covering more than 375 acres, with excellent roads and bridges connecting to the city’s main arteries. Its commercial area deserves special mention, gaining momentum every day.

Entre Ríos

Located at the northern end of Fluvial Vallarta, the Entre Ríos commercial area features 34 business spaces, 86 parking spots, administrative area, warehouse, exterior lighting, sanitary services and landscaping. A beautiful monumental arch welcomes guests, visitors and residents.

According to the developers, the commercial spaces are delivered with concrete flooring, hydraulic connections, sanitary connections (without bathroom fixtures), electrical connections to meter and ducting to the premises (without lights). 90 percent of the spaces are sold.

As another attraction, behind this commercial area, the Entre Ríos private residential development consists of 209 houses, with residents of medium-high and high purchasing power.

Entre Ríos


Avenida Fluvial Vallarta

With an unbeatable location, its mile length runs perpendicularly to two of Puerto Vallarta’s main arteries: Avenida Francisco Medina Ascencio to the west (right at the edge of the Hotel Zone, with leisure facilities such as restaurants and trendy clubs, automotive agencies and major shopping centers) and Avenida Francisco Villa to the east (with several popular neighborhoods converging and retail businesses such as garages and electronics and home services, among others).

Most noteworthy about this avenue are the surrounding population of medium and medium-high income, its easy access to several areas of the city (Versalles, Fluvial Vallarta itself and Aralias, among others) and the availability of spaces, manifest in the mix of businesses, restaurants, clothing stores, phone and insurance companies, in addition to two of the city’s commercial landmarks: Costco and Plaza Caracol.

Fluvial Vallarta’s Commercial Zone


San Marino Plaza

Located practically at the border of Fluvial Vallarta and the Díaz Ordaz neighborhood, commercial center San Marino Plaza includes gastronomic, healthcare, entertainment, business and nightlife establishments.

San Marino Plaza has 30 parking spaces in front, with more than double that in the rear. It is currently seen as a nighttime meeting spot for the diverse population with medium and medium-high socioeconomic status.

Another attraction is its proximity to the numerous clubs and discos offered by Avenida Fluvial Vallarta and surroundings, a lot of nighttime activity.

Plaza San Marino


Other Important Avenues

Fluvial Vallarta’s main arteries are home to companies of international and national renown, as well as prestigious properties, different areas for different socio-economic niches:

· Grandes Lagos

Along Avenida Grandes Lagos’ mile length, you find government offices, rehabilitation clinics, doctors’ offices, beauty shops, furniture stores, car washes, spas, legal offices, dance studios and convenience stores.

· Jesús Rodríguez Barba

Outstanding businesses located on this one-mile avenue include Costco, the Elite events salon, famed restaurant Los Alcatraces and Laboratorios Ragosa. And the western end is home to nightclubs such as La Santa and Distrito 5.

· Francisco Villa

One of Fluvial Vallarta’s borders is along Avenida Francisco Villa, where much of the commercial activity takes place. Along these 930 yards, you can find banking institutions, medical offices, numerous restaurants, convenience and electronics stores, sports boutiques, butchers, pastry shops, mini-malls, pharmacies and public institutions.

Undoubtedly, Fluvial Vallarta’s commercial contribution makes it a benchmark for the growth of services offered in Puerto Vallarta.

Grandes Lagos