Featured Areas of the Destination and Real Estate Projects for Investment – Part I: Puerto Vallarta

By Jorge Chávez
Nov. 30, 2023

Both Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are destinations located along Mexico’s Pacific coast that are currently attractive to real estate investors for reasons that coincide with the wide spectrum of local tourist attractions: beautiful beaches, an enjoyable year-round climate, and a broad offering of activities that satisfy both the adventurous spirit and the cultural appetite.

The variety of properties in the region is astounding, from beachfront condos to incredible luxury villas, the bay stretches out like a canvas of real estate opportunities. In addition, the boom in this area is fueled by investments in infrastructure and constantly growing air connectivity via the expanding Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

The growing demand for properties in our destination promises long-term appreciation, providing profitable returns for investors.

Due to these factors, this growing demand for properties promises long-term appreciation, providing an excellent opportunity of strong return on investment for real estate investors.

Community, both local and international, flourishes in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, creating a rich cultural mosaic that enriches the experience of living in this region. In this special article, the Vallarta Real Estate Guide editorial team presents the special characteristics of some of the most outstanding areas of the bay in which to invest, as well as some of their most notable projects, with the intention of creating a mini guide that can assist in decision-making when buying a property in our region.


Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore fuses natural beauty with solid investment. Its beaches, abundant tropical vegetation, and ocean views are unparalleled. This quiet and exclusive setting, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, is within walking distance to services and amenities. Properties here benefit from the sustained growth of the area, ensuring lasting value.

Real Estate Options in the South Shore

  • Blue Horizon (prices from 560,520 USD)
  • The Creek (prices from 598,023 USD)


The Romantic Zone epitomizes Puerto Vallarta’s bohemian charm with cobblestone streets and a vibrant cultural and arts scene. This neighborhood is a magnet for those who want to experience the essence of the city’s entertainment scene. With farmers markets, art galleries, world-class restaurants, and the beach just steps away, this area offers a solid investment opportunity backed by growing demand and a cozy atmosphere that is perfect for both full-time living or enjoying a vacation.

Real Estate Options in the Romantic Zone

  • Varia Living (prices from 342,320 USD)
  • Ofrenda (prices from 475,257 USD)


El Centro (Downtown) Puerto Vallarta is the vibrant heart of the city, where Mexican authenticity and a cosmopolitan energy mix. To buy a property here is to immerse yourself in the essence of the culture, with cobblestone streets, picturesque plazas and a huge variety of shops, restaurants, and nightlife. In addition, this strategic location offers easy access to the best of the city. A real estate investment in El Centro is solid, as demand continues to grow, and its authenticity and charm make it an ideal place to invest in property.

Real Estate Options in El Centro

  • Encanto Vallarta (prices from 312,500 USD)
  • OASIS at Rivera Cuale (prices from 399,000 USD)


Versalles is a perfect choice for those looking for the best of both worlds in real estate. Combining urban convenience with a friendly community and peaceful atmosphere, this area offers tree-lined streets and a wide range of amenities at hand, making investing in a property here a smart move. In addition, Versalles’ strategic location provides easy access to beaches, shopping malls, and the airport. Investment in this area promises both long-term comfort and sustained growth.

Real Estate Options in Versalles

  • Roma Encore (prices from 338,879 USD)
  • España316 (prices from 5,088,000 MXN)


The Hotel Zone and Fluvial Vallarta stand out as top-notch real estate options. Acquiring a property here means immersing yourself in an environment of comfort and elegance, backed by its strategic location close to beaches, shopping centers and essential services. These two neighborhoods attract visitors consistently, ensuring a steady stream of income through property rentals. Investing in the Vallarta Hotel Zone and Fluvial Vallarta is a safe choice for those looking to balance profitability with a refined beach lifestyle. 

Real Estate Options in the Hotel Zone

  • Harbor 171 – Torre Norte (prices from 278,600 USD)
  • Habitat Residences (prices from 303,942 USD)


Marina Vallarta stands as a paradise for real estate investments. This exclusive neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta offers a unique combination of luxury, comfort and an exclusive beachfront lifestyle. By purchasing property here, you gain access to a world-renowned marina and golf course, sophisticated restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries. In addition, the area provides great income potential through the rental of properties. Investing in Marina Vallarta is a strong choice for those looking for elegant living and long-term wealth growth.

Real Estate Options in Marina Vallarta

  • DeiMare Marina & Golf Living (prices from 291,848 USD)
  • Marina Towers (prices from 558,589 USD)