Elengorn Realtors Redesigns Its Website

By Jorge Chávez
Oct. 8, 2020

Elengorn Realtors, the real estate agency headed by Sarah Elengorn, recently announced that the redesign of its website is ready. Its new platform is focused on the user experience, so, via a combination of elements, it is more visually attractive and, therefore, easy to navigate.

According to the agency, founded in 2010, the goal of the website redesign is to allow users to experience a more dynamic and faster tool. “Our new website is easier to use. It loads faster and is easier to navigate on both computers and mobile devices. In addition, it is now displayed in both English and Spanish.”

Now, the content distribution allows the user, in a simple way, to discover and learn in detail about the different real estate proposals the agency offers. In addition, it provides valuable information for those who want to learn about the experience behind those who make up the agency, as well as testimonials from those who are now part of their string of satisfied clients.

With this new tool, Elengorn Realtors consolidates its positioning and growth within the Vallarta · Nayarit real estate market, offering a pleasant user experience thanks to its efficiency and effectiveness.

The content distribution of the new Elengorn Realtors website (elengornrealtors.com) makes it easy to learn about the different real estate proposals the agency offers, in both English and Spanish.

Elengorn Realtors Redesigns Its Website

The real estate agency focuses on the user experience to improve the search for properties.