Condominio Maestro Los Flamingos: Key Elements of its Resurgence

By Jorge Chávez
Dec. 30, 2023

The concept of a holistically planned community goes beyond urban planning. It is an approach that seeks to create a livable environment where every aspect of the development, from infrastructure to services to quality of life, is meticulously designed and coordinated to ensure the sustainability and well-being of both residents and visitors.

Currently, Vallarta · Nayarit has several successful master planned communities (Punta Mita, Litibú, and Paradise Village Golf & Country Club, among others), all of which have been carefully planned, phased residential developments.

This integrally planned community has resumed its growth and is currently experiencing a peak in its development.

However, the Los Flamingos Master Planned Condominiums currently stands out, as it is one of the largest and most successful integrally planned communities in the region, and which is in a period of resurgence.

To learn more about the main characteristics that are placing the Los Flamingos Master Planned Condominiums among the most important sustainable developments on the Mexican Pacific, the Vallarta Real Estate Guide editorial team visited José Refugio Becerra, general director of its Condominium Association, who took the opportunity to share a little about the history and growth of this community.


In the 1970s, visionary officials of the Bahía de Banderas Trust (FIBBA) first conceived the idea of creating a fully planned community with its own infrastructure and services in the Los Flamingos area of Nuevo Vallarta. This project materialized in 1987 with the constitution of Flamingos as a private condominium complex.

In 2001, after fourteen years of effort, the Condominium Association assumed full control of the common areas of Los Flamingos, as well as its services and infrastructure. Since then, the condominiums, through the payment of HOA dues, have been responsible for 100 percent of the expenses and investments made in that private community, thus ensuring its development and continuous growth.


The Los Flamingos Master Planned Condominiums is a fully planned community that encompasses 440 hectares of private property and will consist of five individual condominium complexes: Flamingos Nayarta, Los Flamingos Golf, Campestre Los Flamingos I, Campestre Los Flamingos II, and Marina Los Flamingos. With approximately 3.5 kilometers of land adjoining one of the best beaches in the bay and 1.5 kilometers of frontage to Highway 200, this real estate gem offers a golf course and more than 60 lots, 40 percent of which are oceanfront.


Since its first housing complexes built prior to 2000, which were mainly constructed around the golf course, the Los Flamingos Master Condominium has undergone several phases of development. Between 2001 and 2010, the community experienced rapid expansion with the opening of six hotels and numerous residential developments. However, the economic crisis and other factors that occurred in the following decade slowed its progress.

As of 2016, the community has regained its growth and is currently home to eight hotels/timeshares with close to 2,700 rooms, as well as 14 occupied residential complexes. In addition, there are three residential projects under construction, approximately 450 units in total, which are expected to be occupied in the next three years.


According to Becerra, the following points are key for the Los Flamingos Master Planned Condominiums to position itself as one of the most prestigious places in Mexico to invest, develop, or acquire a property:

Committed Ownership
By paying their HOA dues on time, condominium owners demonstrate their commitment to keeping the condominium’s common areas in excellent condition.

Master Plan and Infrastructure
A well-conceived master plan and strong infrastructure lay the foundation for the success of this community.

Current and Future Projects
With several ongoing developments and future projects, the community is undergoing a continuous transformation that offers new possibilities.

Natural Beauty
Surrounded by landscapes and wildlife, Los Flamingos Master Planned Condominiums is ideal for residents and visitors looking to connect with nature.

Prime Location
This gated community is strategically located, right in the middle of Bucerías and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. This positions it as one of the best access points to both the Puerto Vallarta International Airport and the highway to Guadalajara. In addition, it is very close to schools, shopping centers, supermarkets, and other essential services.

Efficient Organization and Administration
Effective internal management, led by operations manager Rubén Juárez Romero, contributes to the image and order of the community.

Follow-up and Application of the Rules of Procedure
To ensure that current and future projects adhere to the community’s construction and growth guidelines, Los Flamingos Master Planned Condominiums has a technical committee that is responsible for monitoring and enforcing internal regulations that allow for sustainable development.

“All of our functions are focused on fulfilling one goal: to provide current and future residents, as well as visitors, with a place where they are safe and comfortable. By complying with and enforcing our regulations, the sustainability of our condominium is ensured and, therefore, a peaceful coexistence is promoted,” Becerra concludes.