Commercial Premises: Maintenance and Care

By Jorge Chávez
Aug. 11, 2020

Good architectural design, as well as appropriate interior decoration, is an essential part of any establishment in order to arouse the interest of consumers. However, it is essential to take into account the care and tasks that must be carried out to maintain the quality of the commercial premises and, above all, the influx of customers.

Maintenance is usually the responsibility of the owner or manager of the business, who must ensure that the premises are in optimal condition and meet the needs of the brand or product. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to constantly monitor the condition of the lighting, air conditioning, furniture, paint and ornamentation, since, in addition to offering a clean space, they will captivate consumers.

Fortunately, in Vallarta · Nayarit there are companies available that offer maintenance services for the region’s different commercial activities, providing a multidisciplinary staff, as well as specialized tools and machinery for different areas. To learn more about the care that should be given to commercial premises during this time of the year, Vallarta Real Estate Guide visited Lolys Cortés, director of operations for PROTEC, who kindly gave us some basic advice.

Commercial Premises: Maintenance and Care


Cortés shares that before starting a maintenance program, the first thing that should be done when arriving at a commercial location is a diagnosis (known in the industry here as a “levantamiento”), which consists of a visit to the site to thoroughly review every detail.

“This serves to determine priorities, since there may be deterioration of the paint or certain areas such as ceilings, which are often made of drywall or panels, which, due to lack of waterproofing, produce a moisture stain. The lighting is also checked, that is, whether there is a shortage or excess of it and that it is uniform, either with warm or cool tones throughout. Similarly, one of the most important elements is air conditioning, so you must also ensure that it works properly. This evaluation is very useful when providing solutions,” she explains.

Further, our expert points out that services can be provided through two modalities:

  • Equal

“This is preventive maintenance in which inspections are carried out weekly, lasting approximately one hour—depending on the size and type of business—where the functionality of all the elements that make up the premises is reviewed, such as window cleanliness, door plates, lights, bathrooms, air conditioners, paint and moisture in the ceilings, among others. This preventive maintenance serves to detect possible deficiencies that, if resolved in time, can avoid a much bigger and more costly mishap,” she shares. In addition, when contracting this modality, many companies offer 24/7 service. 

  • By Event

“Although the equal maintenance is one of the most popular services, many clients are more interested in this modality, which offers solutions for any situation, from problems with air conditioners, doors, lamps and small water leaks, to issues of window cleaning and floor waxing,” she adds.

Care During this Time of the Year

Although some procedures could be done at any time of the year, there are some tasks that are best carried out in these months, such as “waterproofing, which, in the case of new commercial premises, may not yet have been carried out. Similarly, there are other spaces where the waterproofing has suffered wear and tear and it is necessary to start with the laborious process of removing the old in order to put the new. At the same time, it is essential to paint, repair and cure the walls of moisture, as well as to prepare the air conditioners so that, with the arrival of summer, they are working properly.”

Before concluding, director of operations from PROTEC shared that, in order to keep commercial premises in good condition, it is necessary to have proper supervision, assessment and constant maintenance, because in this way they will continue in optimal condition and offer an impeccable image for a longer period of time.

Lolys Cortés

Lolys Cortés