Commercial Premises: Maintenance and Administration

When you have a business, it is important to take care of the image transmitted. In the case of commercial premises (which are often the visible face of the company and brand), details must be meticulously maintained for the public. If someone enters a facility for the first time and finds something that bothers them, it is very likely that they will leave and not return. It is about making a good impression, showing interest in keeping the workspace in good condition so customers are happy and satisfied while there.

This is also related to sales. When a person is comfortable in a commercial space, they spend more time looking around or asking questions, so it is much easier to make a sale. Therefore, it can be said that there is a direct link between benefits to the company and the degree of cleanliness and maintenance of the premises. The same situation occurs with employees. If they perceive a fresh and adequate environment to perform their tasks, they will be happier and more industrious, which will positively impact the company’s productivity.

So, how to keep commercial premises in perfect conditions? Fortunately, in Vallarta · Nayarit several companies offer business management services that include, among other things, a maintenance schedule that prevents the need for major emergency repairs. To learn more, we approached Tyan Said, an expert in commercial services.

Basic Maintenance Routine

“Here, it depends a lot on the purpose of the premises. For example, a restaurant should be inspected on a weekly basis, to check the electric boxes, refrigerators and other kitchen equipment, as well as to verify that the air conditioning is cooling well, among other issues. In addition, a general business check can identify if plumbing work or paint and repair of any area of the site is required,” he explains.

Special Care to Consider in a Climate Like Vallarta · Nayarit’s

“Now that summer is coming, the proper functioning of air conditioners is of prime importance. Maintenance should be carried out at least every three months, since in a destination like ours, this amenity is essential in any establishment. Also, with the humidity, you should check the walls constantly to prevent moisture from appearing. The main entrances, the first contact with the client, must be kept impeccable. Lamps and lights are another element that should be in perfect condition to make a good impression.”

Savings and Efficiency

When asked if business management is expensive, Said was encouraging: “Not really. Take a restaurant, for example. If a maintenance person is hired, no matter what they are paid, generally between $5,000 and $6,000 pesos per month plus benefits, they will come out with a monthly operating expense of about $9,000 or $ 10,000 pesos for a single person without tools, truck or equipment. For a third of that, companies specializing in this service offer five to ten people focused on different specialties, with trucks, tools and equipment. The maintenance employee may know how to correctly perform two or three things, but if you hire a company, you have the electrician, carpenter, metalworker, painter… a whole range of options to fix different things.”

Said added that a monthly maintenance schedule for commercial premises will save money in the long run. “Usually, this type of service resembles a dental issue. For example, if you get a cavity and let time pass, it will start to hurt and you will go to the dentist. But instead of a routine procedure costing $500 pesos, the dentist will need to perform endodontics costing $2,500 pesos or maybe even an extraction. If you lose it, then then it will be $25,000 pesos for an implant. Preventive maintenance is good for them because their business is going to be great all the time and they will not have to worry about hiring people to solve the problems that may arise.”

Before concluding, Said explained that hiring a business management service is a great way for small and medium business owners to take a weight off their shoulders and focus on what they really know how to do: create strategies to increase sales and ensure the good performance of their work team.

Commercial Premises: Maintenance and Administration