CMIC 2023-2024 Board of Directors Elected

By Jorge Chávez
Oct. 24, 2023

The Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC) announced the re-election of Francisco Javier Solares Alemán as president of the business organization for the period 2023-2024. This reaffirms the confidence of the formally organized builders in Mexico in his leadership and board of directors.

Among the business leaders who attended the swearing-in ceremony of the 64 members of the 2023-2024 board of directors were Francisco Cervantes Díaz, president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE); José Abugaber Andonie, president of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the United Mexican States (CONCAMIN); and Giuseppe Angelucci, president of the Inter-American Construction Industry Confederation (FIIC).

This event, held at the Interactive Museum of Economics in Mexico City, was particularly special as it coincided with CMIC’s 70th anniversary. The occasion was used to pay tribute to the 12 former national presidents who now make up CMIC’s advisory board, and to recognize their invaluable contributions over the decades. In addition, journalist and author Ángeles Mastretta presented the book Visión al Futuro, a work that brings together the thoughts and contributions of industry leaders and their vision for the future of the organized builders in Mexico.

“The mission of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry is to represent and defend the interests of its members, leading the value chain and providing cutting-edge services to promote a sustainable, innovative and highly competitive industry.” —Francisco Javier Solares Alemán, national president of CMIC 2023-2024.

CMIC 2023-2024 Board of Directors

During an event attended by prominent business leaders, Francisco Solares was re-elected as president of this organization.